05 June, 2009

Loud Shirt Revival

A few years ago, I temporarily confiscated my friend Joanie's shirt and wore it for a good solid week I loved it so much. Here's were Babe groans audibly when he's sees the pic I have uploaded of said shirt during one the week's many wearings. He does not like any reminders of the time I was sporting braces for the second go round. This was at the tail end of the summer we first met, and come to find out he thought I was "icky" cuz of the brace thing. And here I had been prancing around thinking I was all perty with my pink and green rubber bands.

Regardless , I thought the shirt looked fabulous, especially when paired with white pants (and my black lab Tucket).

Eventually, Joanie repossessed her item which left me down one loud shirt. But after years of emptiness I think I have found something to fill the fashion void...

CK Bradley's Tenley Shirt in Piccadilly Clover will look lovely with my all important summer collection of white bottoms. And, Babe will approve because this time there are no braces in the picture.

Kindness of Joanie for allowing me to temporarily steal her Pucci shirt. And, a special XXOO to Babe for ultimately seeing through my grill.


  1. Looks like the perfect Summer uniform.
    The tunic, white bottoms or white bikini sur la mer.

  2. Love it! And loving your blog!


  3. Good stuff, Allie -
    That shirt has a LilyPucciLovechild vibe.....I'm mad for a big print shirt.......swoooon! !

    The go-tos here are my vintage late 60s, bright print Lily shirt (lucky to be the recipient of these from a family closet...) with white pants/shorts/skirt OR a Lily tunic style (60s) minidress - bell sleeves SO fab - paired with white pants or alone (only when legs get tanned.....must work on resuscitating the glow)

    Cheers, Ali

  4. I have been trying NOT to wear mine out before the Newport season truly starts..actually caught myself wearing it 2 days in a row knowing there was NO crossover in the people i was seeing. But that is between you and my Tenley shirt. And...you'd be suprised what that shirt makes you DO!!!

  5. There's an empty hanger in my closet chomping at the bit as we speak Camilla cuz Bailey at Sherman Pickey 'round the corner ordered my rabble rousing shirt today (lid off canned cheering...).

  6. I am so happy to see color returning.