22 June, 2009

Wheeling, Dealing and Scouting All Weekend

First, I just had to have an impossible to find bottle of Porter Creek 2006 Estate Bottled Russian River Valley Pinot Noir to give my dad for Father's Day. Fortunately, my friend Amy gets it shipped by the case directly from the winery and was willing to barter for a bottle.

One Ledo pizza, tales of crazy weekends in Hamburg ("as only weekends in Hamburg can be") and a treating to "The Proposal" later, and I was walking home with a bottle of Porter Creek in hand. Leave it to the globetrotting Amy to ferret out the best Pinot in the land to add to her stable of enviable loot.

Next task at hand; tracking down the preppy apple green ice bucket featured in this month's Elle Decor for my sister Mandy's birthday. But, it must be so new to the lineup that it's not yet up on the Mr. Ice Bucket website. Foiled again...

After fruitless googling and scouring of the site I resorted to calling 732.545.0420 and leaving Mr. Ice Bucket a pleading message. I hope he stocked up before deciding to run with the big dogs. Or else it's back to the drawing board pour moi...

Note: I just received a call back from Mr Ice Bucket himself and my gift will be delivered tomorrow!

Kindness of my ace in the hole Amy Fahrenkopf for her generous trade. And, in all fairness, she graciously offered to give me the bottle. Fun at the movies and tales of Hamburg over pizza were an added bonus...


  1. I love the ice bucket and that striped tray! You could pair the icebuck with some cute Caspari napkins and be all set for the birthday!

  2. I think my old silver ice bucket needs some updating and if you enjoy wine, do you know tvwinelibrary-
    He (Gary) has a new book out...."Crush It" which could also be added to the cool b-day stash.

  3. Hmmph. What I remember of Hamburg is largely guys wearing leather pants. And they were software developers, which was so odd I couldn't quite process it. I doubt there is even one software developer in the US who wears leather pants. Sounds like your friend had more fun.

  4. Oh wow...can't believe they actually called you BACK! Now that is customer service! Go you!

  5. I love a good pinot noir - I fel like it's the perfect red wine for summertime. Just light enough.

  6. Oh I see that your Elle Decor came! I was just looking at that page you posted last night. Love it all. I posted about a new book you might be interested in....