17 June, 2009

Jonsing For Calypso

Last Wednesday my Crackberry was a smokin' from all the emails, texts and calls logged between my sister, nieces, aide-de-camp Lizzie, and myself when Calypso St. Barth debuted their renovated site that was chock full of pretty new summer duds.

The consensus was that the Juno Dress was the pièce de résistance with pink and purple running neck and neck as the color of choice.

But, hey...why put limits on oneself? I could totally take one of each and still wear the life out of them.

Next on my list was this pretty, Bermuda blue addition to my Cool Change collection. I live in these beach cover ups and never tire of strangers stalking me to ask where I get them.

Lizzie and I have a purple floral version of this Rowena Delano Dress from last year that we both wore into the ground. I remember, we had both been eyeing it for a couple of weeks discussing back and forth it's merits and potential. Then, US mag broke a picture of Nikki Hilton sporting it at the Hampton Classic horse show and that was all she wrote. I'd say we both had it in our greedy little mitts within days.

Now, usually this arm/neckline and swimmers build don't mix so, I tend to shy away from this style. But, the color and the fabric looked so pretty that I was toying with breaking my own rule. But, alas, Lizzie has reported back from the front lines of the Boston Calypso and is only giving the Emerson Dress a lukewarm review. Babe thanks you Lizzie.

This next choice goes out to Emma...Leighton (I'm coming back with Blaire's wardrobe in my next life), Taylor (ehhh...) and our girl Nikki again rockin the in vogue pink skirt.

I'm trying to convince myself that I am not too old (i.e. fat) for this look but, will settle with forcing my niece to get it.

And the sleeper? The Belen Dress which Lizzie gives a resounding two thumbs up. Apparently, it doesn't photograph well but, in person the beading is amazing. I received an email from a loyal reader Sarah, who was smitten with this dress as well, and was anxiously awaiting it's delivery and hoping there would be no husband "package intercepting".

And, lastly, I really want these jeans but I just don't know. I had a pair at one point then returned them. They looked fabulous on Reese but, I just couldn't commit. But, now Lizzie has put them back on our continuously updated "hot list" and has even followed up with a sighting of her fav chic J. Crew personnel wearing them well with a ruffle shirt and cardi. It's a good thing I'm not a gambling woman cuz I would have bet a million dollars that I wouldn't live to see, let alone sport, the "tuck and roll" again. Good thing...

Kindness of aide-de-camp Lizzie Prenger (soon to be Lawson) who is being très gracious about me exposing all our trade secrets and thus risking a run on our private wish list. Also, to Sarah, I hope your husband doesn't read my blog. XXOO


  1. Cute skirt... and love the ruffled dress. I pushed the limit when I bought a freaking romper at Intermix over the weekend. My booty typically don't go near anything that resembles shorts, but you should check it out. I bought it at the G-town store...

  2. I saw that ruffled dress and loved it! My PD would love it, as well as the skirt and everything else ;-) Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  3. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    Love all the looks EXCEPT the jeans. Just not digging the whole distressed look with a whiskered crotch area and a cuffed leg and... need I go on with the adjectives? Too much. For me, anyway. Thanks for sharing, Denise

  4. I am in love with the Juno dress and the pink skirt. If only my legs went on for a few miles... sigh.

  5. Why is it that I want to own every Calypso item and wear the different pieces everywhere? Versatile and pretty... what more could you ask for?

  6. Oh la la! I am coveting one of everything, per usual! Xoxo-BLC

  7. I see that you have come back to your senses.

  8. Package succesfully intercepted-