10 August, 2011

Sure To Be In The Fall choke Uniform Queue

Recent snippet of never ending texting thread between an expecting Aide-de-Camp Lizze and moi;

Moi: did u c the new crew catalogue? kinda diggin' the wool cafe capris

Lizzie: haven't gotten it yet, but they sound cute

Moi: they look veeery promising :) grt colors too. they have the potential to be a staple

Moi: also liked quite a few button downs. may have to step up my game for g'wich. no more grocery runs in my jammies I'm afraid :(

Lizzie: haha. as you're stepping your game up, i'll be stepping my game down

Lo and behold, lookie what pops up on the Atlantic Pacific blog a few days post conference call texts...

The Café Capri in the musthave, along with the black and camel, yacht blue...

And, if there was any lingering doubt (there wasn't) about Crew's bankerish Perfect shirt with french cuffs...

In both available colors...

MaryKateorAshleyOlsen took care of that. This is probably as close as I'll get to my jammies in Whole Foods in staid G'wich...

Kindness of HMC for the Atlantic Pacific blog intel. Nothing like a fashion nod from the Universe. And, the rest of y'all, for not judging my latent obsession in the Olson twins. Minus their cigs, Starbucks appendage annnd unfortunately, plethora of Birkin bags, natch...XXOO


  1. Good calls! Love that top-- so crisp!

    "Fashion nods from the universe" awesome!

  2. Would you be my personal shopper for Fall?

  3. It is all good. I had to sit through all the Olson movies many times over while my daughters were young. They have now outgrown Mary-Kate and Ashley. Sadly, I don't think I have...

  4. Really wish they would replace in Whole Foods in Greenwich. It's so dark and cramped. You could probably get away with wearing anything in there because people are so packed into the aisles, it's hard to see the groceries, must less what everyone else is wearing.

  5. tell me you've joined stylemint. t-shirt club from the olsen twins. it's genius.

  6. Glad you liked the blog suggestion! It's become another daily must-read for me :-) I was in J.Crew today and am loving the new fall items, but was disappointed to discover that the stores around me have gotten rid of their sale sections! Guess I'll have to stalk the website for bargains now...

  7. If you adopt the smokin' and starbuckin' you won't need to go to the grocery store!

  8. Loving the pants. As well as the twins' heightened style as of late...

  9. Love! Although this discovery comes on the heels of a certain purchase of loafers that begin with a G and end with an I.

  10. The Whole Foods in Darien is infinitely better than Greenwich and worth the drive. Besides, less likely you'll be recognized in jammies!

  11. -@Belle on Heels- you beat me to it. It IS genius.