05 August, 2011

I'll Have A Bourbon And Dumbwaiter Please...

Musta been those weensie nips of Whiskey Sour my 7 year old, freshly bathed and nightgown'd self snuck from my parent's blender during their cocktail parties that evolved into my fondness for bourbon. I mean, a cherry garnish can sell just about anything at that age...

My taste eventually graduated to Bourbon and Ginger's but, these days this lightweight would be just as content having one of The Old Wood Co. tables made from recycled Marker's Mark, Wild Turkey and Jim Beam barrels to sit my Diet Coke on...

No calories...no poor judgement...nooo hangover...

Although...maybe I should build my tolerance back up slowly by starting with the revolving dumbwaiter. If I can hold my dumbwaiter, I'll ask the barkeep to make my next one a table...

Kindness of my mother who will not GASP! in horror upon reading the first paragraph. They were juuust li'l sips and stolen cherries Mom. I was hardly pulling a Drew Barrymore in my Lanz jammies. Now, all your missing bridge chocolates are another story. THAT, on the other hand, has developed into quite theee problem...XXOO


  1. A sap for smokin hot wood from bourbon barrels...love those.
    love bourbon....and any sort of rustic aged wood.

  2. Alice,

    I HOPE your family thinks you are as witty and funny as we all do! How do you think of these psots????There is real talent here...I think a book is in your future.
    Have a good weekend.

    Warmly, Kathleen

  3. I recall getting hooked on whiskey sour mix myself during a visit to my Virginia aunt and uncle. I came home and relayed stories of my new favorite beverage and horrified my parents who then placed an outraged phone call to my aunt and uncle, only to be reassured that I was drinking JUST the mix. Love the tables!

  4. We tease my mom about her total love of bourbon! I don't think my taste buds are mature enough yet haha...
    Have a great weekend, hopefully complete with a fun drink or two :-)

    P.S. I thought of you when my friend introduced me to this blog: http://atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com/
    Great prep style inspiration!

  5. I want one of these tables - saw these in the Bourbon Review...great magazine. Highly recommend.

  6. OMG! Lanz jammies! Ha that takes me back.

  7. Merci beaucoup for the blog intel HMC! I love it :)

  8. Love these beautiful barrel-topped pieces, but I think the last one may be a Lazy Susan rather than a dumbwaiter, which I believe is an elevator. But really, what do I know? It is Friday cocktail hour, after all! ;) Cheers to a great weekend!

  9. Two words for you:

    Woodford Reserve

  10. SOS! This is prrroobably not the appropriate place to post, but this miiigght not be an appropriate dress. Labor Day Weekend wedding in Upstate New York, outdoors, early evening.

    I'm inbetween places and most (read everything but an LL Bean duffle) is in storage for now. Can I wear it? The birds are sequined and I plan on a colorful shawl.



  11. T&C Mom - a lazy susan IS a dumbwaiter. It was one of Thomas Jefferson's inventions, supposedly so that servants need not be relied upon during meals. They were called dumbwaiters until the the term "lazy susan" was coined in Vanity Fair in 1917.

  12. SIAV, thank you for your stamp of approval! The only other real option was the LL Bean duffle:)