31 August, 2011

French...Cult...Sign Me Up S'il Vous Plait

I found it. I didn't know I was looking for it but, I found it...

The return of cult French label Equipment's Signature blouse is theee perfect shirt for my classic Parisienne prep haute hippie wannabe self...

It's that...Jacqueline Bisset meets Shelley Hack meets Babe Paley meets Bianca Jagger meets Lacey Underall effortless chic...

Khloe Kardashian's paired the correct belt with hers, butcept the leopard on my footsies will be of the Belgian sort...

I've got hangers reserved for one in every color...

Kindness of everyone for understanding I'm referring to Jacqueline Bisset in Class, li'l more home at the manse, li'l less tequila stands at the bar, and Shelley Hack more so Charlie perfume, less so Charlie's Angels...XXOO


  1. That first sentence should really be the opening of novel!

  2. Hilarious...Shelley Hack...OMG...what a time capsule...

  3. I've got three of these - they are my absolute favorite. Just got one in camo silk that is surprisingly cute

  4. There's something deeply womanly about Equipment shirts.

    Until their relaunch, my experience of shirts had been limited to those horridly starchy, stiff-of-collar ones you wear – or, more accurately, try to avoid wearing – to the office.

    Have you tried Hamilton Paris?

    Sarah x


  5. Thanks for sharing, I have been thinking about silk blouses for fall. Since I am named after Lauren Bacall I need to hop on the Equipment train! Can't wait to see the shirtdress!!

  6. I too have three Equipment shirts and I am obsessed with procuring some more. They are perfect for fall, adore the fit!

  7. Love these shirts and I'm old enough to have had a ( pale blue), one the first time around. I have the hot pink one and this beautiful stone coloured one.