24 August, 2011

East Coast Quake???

I thought I was having some sort of vasovagal episode. Either that or someone had slipped a psychedelic drug into the Diet Coke I was nursing...

Cuz it was not long after I tweeted this pic that the earthquake took my beach chair and stomach on a li'l ride. My sister, who had just walked off the beach, called to say the Ti-Babes had run for deep cover and the beach house had nearly shaken off it's stilts. Note to self: no more parking the whip under the house. I'd prefer a hot car over a smushed one...

My Hamptons mag, along with any thoughts of getting sun on my back, were shelved for the rest of the day as I launched into tsunami patrol trying to read the jumping blues for any signals of RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

I left my post at 4pm with tan lines of demarcation down both my sides but, feeling secure in the coast's safety. And, fortunately, the only thing that suffered from the 5.9er was my increasingly pale backside...

Kindness of Hurricane Irene who will please divert out to sea and allow me one last week of good weather before I have to bid adieu to summer and the beach. I already lost one good beach day of even tanning thankyouverymuch...XXOO


  1. Having grown up in California, I can attest to the fact that earthquakes are scary. I am so glad (for all East Coasters) that this was a fairly light one and no tsunami along with it.

    Also glad you gorg whip is ok!

  2. We were fortunate. Thank God there was no major damage and I will join in our prayer to calm Irene to a gentle breeze

  3. Dear Alice,
    I thought of you yesterday. I felt the earthquake here! Even Jon was swinging and swaying at work (possibly a first),too. Now, you have to contend with a bit of a hurricaine! Batten down the hatches and stay safe.

    Warmly, Kathleen

  4. My china cabinet literally shook and clanked, just like in the movies! Yes, it was a new experience for us east coasters, and one I am happy to now cross off my list. Glad you are all well.

  5. I didnt even notice the earthquake but I think I was in the car at the time...lots of people I know said it was tense for a minute or two. The one we had last year scared the daylights out of me!

  6. Glad to hear that everything is ok!


  7. Glad y'all are okay.

    I was driving here in Durham, N.C. at the time and did not feel it, but my roommate was on the 3rd floor at her work and totally felt it.

    Unfortunately, I don't think Hurricane Irene is going further out to sea at this point. We'll be more spared here in N.C. than the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, I fear. Stay safe.

  8. In my life I have so far survived tornadoes, hurricanes, now an earthquake, but a tsunami? No, thanks.

    Speaking of earthquakes, I was shopping in G'town when it happened and I really didn't think much of it. The ground always moves beneath my feet when I step into Ralph Lauren. However after buying a few things I was then afraid it was the Credit Card gods coming after me.

  9. Glad to hear the earthquake was relatively mild and no (lasting) damage done. Here in CA we've most of us been through a few of these, and know what they are and what to expect. I have to imagine it must be very frightening and disorienting if you haven't experienced before.

  10. Toi et moi à la fois ma chère! Seulement, je venais de quitter la plage!

  11. It's good to read that you and the fur babies are safe! It's sad that Mother Nature is interrupting your fun in the sun time.
    This event gives a new meaning to the term "shake and bake". ha-ha

  12. It is good news that you made a beeline from the shoreline and later on will work on your tanline.

  13. I live on the coast of NC and I'm hoping (praying) Ms. Irene turns and goes out to sea. And, yesterday I thought my blood pressure meds were really throwing me for a loop when the earthquake hit. Unbelievable!