12 August, 2011

PROTEAK Takes The Crown

I'm on a karmic roll this week. Days after I came to the realization that my chopping block is a hunk o' junk, I open my Cooks Illustrated to find they'd tested and rated cutting boards and were hand delivering their PROTEAK rec to me on a silver platter...

The criteria: cutting, durability and user-friendliness...

Testers' Comments: Roomy, knife-friendly, and exceptionally durable, this teak slab was worth every penny. It resisted warping (unlike mine) and cracking (mine long passed cracking and graduated to splitting), showed only minor scratches (looks like Freddie Kruger's my sous-chef), never seemed "thirsty" (annnd, of course, mine's cured like a piece o' jerky), and - despite it's heft - was easy to lift and clean, thanks to handholds on each end...

Did ya hear that Babe? "worth every penny"...

Kindness of Babe for seeing this as a wise investment. Since teak is "hard enough to stand up to knife blades and yet soft enough to keep those blades sharp", I can settle for the Toyota, annnd not the previously shopped for Cadillac, of knife sharpeners. One of those, gotta spend money to save money, situations you're so fond of...XXOO


  1. "Freddie Krueger is my sous chef" what a great line. You crack me up!

    These boards are gorg. Which one are you opting for? The round one is pretty nice, too.

  2. I plan to upgrade my kitchen accoutrements and a new cutting board is on the block!

  3. Wow, LOVE! Cook's Illustrated is my bible; they have never ever steered us wrong. But which one will you choose? I am voting for the middle (lighter) one posted.

  4. A good cutting board is really invaluable in the kitchen. I'd put it on par with a good chef's knife.

    I think my parents have the proteak board, and it really is nice. I love that it doesn't move around at all when you're using it...that's the worst.


  5. I just skimmed this piece in JCW's Cooks Illustrated. I am not big on the recipes...I leave that to him but I like the product reviews! xx

  6. My choice is all gonna come down to size and the available counter space in our new digs...XXOO

  7. We haven't gotten this cooks yet (entertaining came and the part on how to make the perfect cup of coffee is on point) however, what did they say about Boos Blocks?

  8. The Boos tied for second with the OXO Good Grips board. It lost a star for absorbing stains and developing hairline cracks after a few months...XXOO

  9. Don't think you can go wrong with either choice. I think the key to any cutting board is to keep it oiled.

  10. So bizarre, i'v e just been mooching around looking for a new one! Mine is hideous old wreck.

  11. I'm always interested in getting a rec on a good investment. It's time for me to get a new one also.
    I'll check it out.

    P.S. I thought the Ti-Babes were sous chef in charge.