11 August, 2011

Kroozie For The Mini Whip

Every Sunday Babe hustles me out of bed, on theee oooone morning I have off from working out and can sleep in, to bike along on his run. So, instead of lounging in bed with my tea watching reruns of 90210, it's a to go thermos and Tour de Fenwick...

When it came time for the all important choosing of which color Kroozie tea thermos holder I wanted for the mini whip, I polled the masses. And, by masses I mean, Babe, Kimba, Julie, Emma and Hilbils...

Hilbil's and half of Kimba's vote checked hot pink on the ballot...

Julie and Babe cast their votes for white. No surprise from an alwaysthinkingahead Babe who foresaw any and all potential for an emergency situation landing him on my mini whip and, although a kelly green accessory would be passable, a fuchsia one was Out. Of. The. Question.

Emma and the other half of Kimba's vote landed on the green...

White won. Figured it went best with all my jammies. Not to mention, any Hermès beach towels that may be along for the ride...

And, I cleverly cut the easily removable foam insert in half so that I have 3 adjustable options and can accommodate beverages and holders of nearly every size...

Half foam for my Lilly P tea thermos and Sigg bottles, both foam halves for Peronis and piccolos of Veuve, and, no foam for Diet Cokes and Lysol bottles needed for Babe's 95° with 95% humidity mid-run discarded shirts flung into my Nantucket basket...

Kindness of Tom at Kroozer Cups for his patience in a 12 emails thread of insaaanely detailed questions I managed to come up with for one li'l ole Kroozie. Babe feels your pain...XXOO


  1. Dear Alice,

    Thanks for 'splainin' all the bike attachments. I am impressed with your alterations. Veeeery clever. I hope Tom knows who he was communicating with! He'll want to send you a loovely fuchia one as thanks for the free ad.

    Warmly, Kathleen

  2. what a great idea! i'm loving this kroozie thing and must add one to my bike, immediately :)

  3. LPC just put me on to you, bourbon, bread and Viviers, you are indeed a girl after my own heart.

  4. Oh, thank you, thank you! Love the adjustable options - I would never have thought of this - sheer brilliance!

    I wonder if I can mount one on my scooter too..........helllooo, tom!

  5. A: Tell me more about that mini-whip. WJR and I are in the market for some bikes to whirl around NW DC?


  6. The mini-whip is a Hampton Brownie beach cruiser and I looove it. And, the basket is the "Cisco" from Nantucket Bike Company. Bell to complete the trickin' out in the pipeline...XXOO

  7. I was wondering the same thing as DAM...dying to get a bike for DC and will only settle for a beach cruiser...none of those high tech rides appeal to me! Though the Missoni for Target bike is quite tempting...