01 June, 2011

Haute Hues Exception To The Rule

Maybe it's because I've spent nearly every summer of my life all day every day in a bathing suit but, I have a real visceral reaction to the thought of wearing jeans during those half naked months. Minus the occasional white pair around the season's flanking holiday weekends...

So when this ad for J Brand 811 Mid-Rise Skinny Leg Haute Hues landed in my inbox, I surprised my rigid nojeansinsummer self by putting them into my further investigation required folder. They were just a smidge too old school Polo to turn my back on in haste...

Like an answered prayer, I stumbled across this collage on Tomboy Style pairing the green Haute Hues with Belgies! And, not just any Belgies but, specifically my Camel Leopards that are in Belgian order limbo along with the also pic'd Navy Lizard Calf. 'Twas all the validation this prep needed...

With the help of visiting for the weekend Amy, we made quick work of narrowing my first color choice down to the Bright Turquoise and had those babies virtual carted up before Babe returned from fetching her coffee...

I've got my work cut out for me deciding between the Pretty Pink...

And, Bright Fuschia...

But, Bright Green is a next in the queue no brainer...

Kindness of
Mamacita for knowing Tomboy Style blog "had my name all over it". Your sales pitch had me at "Belgians and Hermès". And, weekend guest Amy Fahrenkopf for her pre coffee, under the gun decision making talent...XXOO


  1. loving the white. Thanks love. I hope you had an amazing long weekend. xoxo


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  2. Pale pink with navy is so Bermuda. You definitely need those to wear with a Jules Reid blouse.

  3. Pretty in Pink Megan just got the pretty pink ones I think. Super cute! Even still, I find it painful to put denim on when it's hot...

  4. I'm the say way, jeans in summer? Ugh, sounds way too hot for me! But I did just add the camel Belgians to my Birthday/Christmas list. Saw a friend wearing them earlier this year, and need them. Thanks for the reminder. P.S. My yellow LH Baby Switch came in yesterday. Headed over to pick it up this morning. It's about time! Now the eggplant Longchamp can finally go into hibernation!

  5. You do know it's going to be very different in Greenwich, right? Unless you're a seal, sometimes it's too cold to go swimming until July. It WAS unusually warm last summer and seems to be the same so far this season but....just sayin'.....be prepared.

  6. That shot of the green jeans and leopard loafers is perfection. DONE. love it. x Kelly

  7. I wait forevah to don the white jeans up here in frosty NE...don't know if I can switch it up.

    Can we have a fit report, once the colors have been chosen and the eagle has landed??

  8. Hey! I had a post waiting as my blog was offline and guess what it was about! So I had to add a line. Great minds think alike:).

  9. I have been thinking the same thing!! I want to try them, but I never wear jeans during summer!

  10. Those candy-colored J Brands are perfection, no doubt. Can't you just see them paired with a crisp white polo or sleeveless top? Summer lovin!

  11. I didn't know what they were before but now I find myself NEEDING Belgians.