29 June, 2011

The SIAV Book Mobile

The Netflix Police are hot on my trail for a très overdue Downton Abbey DVD that I refuse to relinquish before finishing both episodes on the disk. So, as I head to my parent's for an under the Netflix gun movie night, I'll leave you with a couple of requisite drool at the pretty pictures reads that have popped up on the SIAV radar...

PREPPY Cultivating Ivy Style for adding to my soon to need card cataloguing expanding library of prepster reference books...

And, the where was this during my recently lost campaign for a vacay jaunt to the Amalfi Coast in July Hotel Il Pellicano. Sighhh...there's always next summer which gives me 12 months of strategically placed coffee table book plotting...

Kindness of Janine Martinelli for the PREPPY Cultivating Ivy Style alert. It's intel like this from faithful readers like yourself that keep this hardly gets out around Bloggerville and mooonths behind in my magazine reading gal afloat...XXOO


  1. Gonna be some good book swapping go on once you have strategically placed your beind in Greenwich.
    Do you have custom book plates?
    What amazing readers you have watching your back and all.

  2. now they're both added to my queue



  3. Added both to Amazon list. Thank you for info.

  4. Hotel Il Pellicano looks wonderful... I am looking forward to the photographs by Slim Aarons!!

    And Preppy. Should be a great read!

    Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Hot On My Trail....Oh My God You Crack Me Up...Read the book and agree it is a rather interesting read.

  6. Totally off-topic, if I may.

    I recently got my first pair of SB sandals. I consider you an expert - in fact, my next pair may be a blatant copy-cat version of your red and white sandals! But...I have a question - do you do anything "special" to break them in? Mine are comfy, but they feel a bit stiff - should I just wear them and break them in that way, or do you have any hints?


  7. Damn sistah. The Jeffrey Banks (late of Britches of Georgetown employ...yanked out of there by Ralph Lauren)book has been public knowledge for six months and pre-ordered by me...B_ _t Police Agent 007, for at least as long. Interesting that there are few B.P. arrests on the Amalfi Coast. Methinks the chubbies are payin' someone off.

  8. Some of us are too busy literally sweating our a** off, Aaagent 00belgianshoesize, trying to keep those pesky BP at bay to get out much.

    And, no Bisbee, no special tricks. Just wear them. Althooo, nuthin' breaks in shoes faster than a good kegger. Lost many a pair of Jacques Cohens just that way. Btw, my SB's are the "Tristan" red and I love 'em! XXOO

  9. thank you so much for the update on Preppy! I read about it ages ago and had completely forgotten all about it! It's in my Amazon cart now... Oct 4th cannot come soon enough!

  10. Just in case you get more Downton Abbey cravings after being forced to relinquish the disc--it's available on Netflix instant streaming!

  11. Was just wondering today if they had that available for instant gratification yet. Merci beaucoup! XXOO