08 June, 2011

Ralph's Silks

The bff Kimba and I have been all about Ralph Lauren's cabled silk sweaters ever since our first brush with the navy v-neck in Charlotte several years ago. And, we're STILL stalking the blue tie-dye version Robin Roberts occasionally recycles on GMA...

So, when I found myself in an eleventh hour pinch after all my Memorial Weekend party outfit planning went up in Kittygroomergate smoke, I sent a 911 to the Mad Ave women's store and had the lime green 3/4 length sleeve v-neck overnighted for a shotgun pairing with my white AG Stilts...

And, juuust when I'm a smidge over a week away from having manipulated myself in the vicinity of a Goyard counter, I receive a text from my "boo" at Polo letting me know the silk cardies and v-necks in pink (check!), turquoise (check!), lime (checkity check check!), cobalt and coral (ooooo) are now on sale for $299 and the sleeveless are $199. Rats. Welp, I can count on a coral v-neck haunting beginning tonight...

Ralph Lauren Women's Flagship Store
888 Madison Avenue

Kindness of my boo at Polo for all her continued help with me and my posse. Annnd, for turning the RL peeps on to my blog. Now, THAT's a coup. Also, Babe, who will be sooo exhausted from running Goyard interference in two weekends I may have a decent chance of slipping away to investigate my budding obsession interest in the blue dress hanging next to the lime sweater in the first pic...XXOO


  1. Those sweaters are beautiful...I am excited that operation Goyard is in motion! xx

  2. Can I just say, I *love* that you have a boo at Polo. Not one bit surprised! :)