06 June, 2011

T.R. In Da House

Is it Monday already?

When I'm this tired I have a habit of referring to myself as Tired McGryyyerd. Babe has lovingly shortened it to just T.R. and, let me tell ya, T.R. is in da house tonight...

It may wholly partly be due to the fact that Babe feels obligated to pack a gazillion bike rides into his très short weekends; I bike ride alongside him in my jammies sipping tea during his 4 mile runs...we bike ride to pick up lunch...we bike ride at sunset...we bike ride at dusk...we bike ride after getting off the beach...

On the Bright Turquoise side; all that bike riding helped ease these weekend pizza/Milk Duds/Fractured Prune donut eatin' thighs into my new 80's flashback J. Brands...

But, the Bike Nazi is NYC bound so the coast is clear for this T.R. and the Ti R-Babes to crawl into bed early and start resting up for next weekend...

Kindness of Babe who will remind me to take my scissors along in my Nantucket Bike Basket during the next leg of our Tour de Fenwick so at least I can do some Hydrangea thieving during these mandatory rides. Pshaw, like some one's gonna question a crazy girl on a bike in her jammies cutting flowers from random bushes...XXOO


  1. The very last sentence was too too funny! Do you wear Hermes on these rides? No scarves, though, might get caught in the tires.

  2. I can just see the police blotter if they DID question you:

    Allie von SummerIsAVerb was brought in for questioning after numerous complaints from residents regarding rogue landscaping escapades. Ms von SummerIsAVerb was found wearing boxers (which she stated were purchased from Claridge + King) and with a basket of evidence/flowers (Hydrangea Macrophylla 'Endless Summer' she volunteered). Charges were dropped after she demonstrated how to fashion handcuffs out a Hermès 90 Carré.

  3. Yummoramma on The Prune! I have tried many flavors only to conclude that the original sand is best!!!! Your legs look great in those cute pants - the pedaling pays off ;)

  4. Grey and white pinstripe Calridge + King boxers with a big ole hot pink monogram on the back pocket to be precise. Paired with a Petit Bateau cami on one bike outing and a Montauk sweatshirt on the other ;)

  5. ps...one each of sand and coconut devoured. Turned nose up at banana nut after taste test :(

  6. I'm lovin' the turquoise. I was bumming around all weekend in my sanded sea bee corporals!

    Enjoying Summer is a Verb for over a year now. The last pic is a beauty. Gee whiz, those eyes!