21 June, 2011

Whip Trippin' To The New Hood

I packed up the whip on Friday and headed to Greenwich for a scouting weekend with Babe. First up on the agenda, checking out a promising estate cottage rental...

Even though it had the perfect li'l screened porch for the Ti-Babes...

Right off the Master bedroom...

A très cute Hansel and Gretel stone fireplace...

And, was situated overlooking the tennis court, we unfortunately had to deem it a smidge too rustic for us...

And, by rustic I mean, no dishwasher. I'm supposed to be moving UP a station in life, not DOWN. What's that? Bernadette Peters lived here one summer? Hmmm, maybe I was looking at that kitchen through too harsh a lens. Let me look again...


Goodbye li'l cottage...Goodbye Bernadette...Babe may have a change of heart...

Two muddy whip floor mats later and WHAM! went the window on that sliver of hope...

Sooo 'twas off to drown cottage disappointment in a Boxcar Cantina libation and gelato at Daniella's...

Annnd, back to serious Craigslist scouting business for Babe...

Well, as serious as one can get with a goofball, Jooo-EEE! from the pool hall ponytail wearing, zit pickin', gelato wearin' distraction...

Kindness of Babe for humoring all my wanna-dos this past weekend including the sport I'm valiantly attempting to take up, window shopping...XXOO


  1. Well, at least you're ravishing, if unhoused:).

  2. Does this move mean you will see Babe more during the week?

    Good luck with the search- it will be fun to roam around in back country and see the big houses. I think there is also a real estate company that specializes in those sorts of cottage rentals- if I can find the name I'll email you. I would trade you a dishwasher for an in-unit washer and dryer!

  3. There is no dishwaser in my snug loft, and I can tell you that I miss having one every day.

    You look fabulous!

  4. You look amazing but I have to ask given the Canfora viewing - why no pedicure? I would think it de rigueur for a summer beauty with such a stellar sandal collection!

    P.S. Goyard sightings in 'Midnight in Paris' and thought of you immediately.

  5. I'm not a mani/pedi girl at all. It kinda heebs my out to have my nails filed. But, I could have my hands and feet massaged til the cows come home :)

  6. check.this.out.now.


  7. I'm a New Canaan girl that has always been a huge fan of your blog. So thrilled to have you in CT. Will be great to have your input on all the goods around here.
    Best of luck with your move!

  8. Love those jeans...what a great combo w/ the cable knit. Happy hunting...can't wait to see where you and Babe end up! xx

  9. I could do no stove, but no dishwasher is a deal breaker!

  10. I'd be writing a check for the deposit on that carriage house before the day was over. What a fabulous place.

    Honestly though...it takes more time to load and unload a dishwasher than it does to just wash them when you're only feeding two people. However, if you get the carriage house, you'll probably be doing lots of entertaining and they are handy when you have lots of dinner guests.

  11. "a check for the deposit on that carriage house"

    Ugh, that rent is paaaneful. But something tells me Babe has negotiating skills to spare. While he's grinding 'em down on the rent, get him to upsize that washer/dryer situation.

    Still laughing at the "No." photo!

  12. #loveit ! Looks like y'all are having a blast :) Shalom from Israel xoxox

  13. Well, of course, the rent is outrageous. But it's not unusual for people in the city (say, on the west side) to pay almost $4,000 a month for 700-800 square feet. Compared to that kind of rent, this is a bargain!

  14. When I saw the title of this post in my feeds I burst out laughing! literally in Chem lecture! You have completely made my day and enlivened my vocab forever!

  15. sorry Allie - but one look at that kitchen - and I totally see why Josh said "No!" You have way too much fun in the kitchen for that kitchen! But otherwise - cute place! Xo