09 June, 2011

Lafco New York

Dear Alice,

I noticed a candle on your stove in the Chicken Makhani post. Is for 'cooking odor control' or just decoration? We have the a vent that sends exhaust back into the house and it drives me crazy. Thanks for your 'ultimate' insights. My
cookie sheet is the best, thanks to you.

Kathleen B

It's the Lafco New York Beach House scented candle and I burn it ALL. THE. TIME. Apparently, so does Oprah who named their candles one of her (breaks into singsong voice) faaaaaaavorite thingssssss...

Last year I was all about the Beach House scent but, after a recent outing with the bff to a local shop where I furiously huffed every candle Lafco makes, like 40 I think, I decided to switch things up. I left with the Ski House candle, a migraine and vasovagal syncope...

And, très happy to hear that you're enjoying your Williams-Sonoma Goldtouch cookie sheet. I just added the 9" x 13" rectangular cake pan to my Goldtouch lineup which I needed for baking Babe's birthday cake tomorrow. See how that works? It's Babe's birthday yet, I somehow manage to find an excuse to buy something pour moi. Puuure talent...

Kindness of Kathleen B for the nice email. I always love hearing when readers buy the things I post about. It's comforting to hope that I may not be alone in dodging the dog house for excessive passionate purchasing. This old cake pan??? Pshaw, got that mooonths ago..XXOO


  1. Oh Alice, you are so not alone in the doghouse for (ahem) enthusiastic spending. Funny about that email, I was thinking of asking you about that candle as well. Oh, and I am very fond of WS goldtouch pans. Recently bought their loaf pans. Good stuff. (may your husband never meet my husband)

  2. Price's Chef Candles are great for getting rid of cooking odor! I use them all the time in our flat and it even gets rid of garlic or curry smells! Also, they come in votives as well so you can dot them around the house if you like and they smell really good! http://www.scentedcandleshop.com/online_store/prices_fragrant_lantern_candle_chefs_candle.cfm

  3. If I came home with some sort of cooking implement, I imagine my husband would ask, "who is that for?"

    Bad, bad wife.

  4. Another candle fan here, especially since my kitchen is in my living room. Oh, wait, I mean Great Room:). And I too love it when a reader tells me she's bought something. So satisfying. Almost don't have to do it myself...

  5. Yes indeed, I love Lafco as well...keep the Office scent going at work constantly.