23 June, 2011


Hi Allie,

I'm in need of a new pair of sunglasses for the summer and don't know where to turn! Of course, I trust you - would you consider a post on eye wear?


Well Monique, six years of beach life guarding combined with my creature of habit self makes for a tried and true albeit, smidge of a no frills answer...

At this point my eyes are so spoiled from wearing only polarized lenses on the beach that if I tried going without I'd be screeching, MY EYES! like I'd been blinded in some freak accident. I've pretty much been buying the same version of different pairs of Maui Jim sunglasses for over ten years annnd at least 1 sister, 2 bff's, both nieces, and multiple admirers on our beach (of the glasses, not us) will usually follow suit. Sandy at Shades At The Beach in Bethany knows that if one of us buys a new pair come spring, she can count on at least five more identical sales in close succession...

If I (and cultish fam) do stray on occasion, it's for Costa Del Mar which is what Babe happens to be sporting on the beach these days....

Then there's my collection of look good while driving glasses all of which happen to be Ray Bans. There are the Outdoorsman II Rainbows which I stalked spied on a lady walking down the street in Ixtapa, the Aviator Large Metal with yellow lens which I stalked spied on a well dressed undergrad at the Foxfield Races in C'ville, and the Cockpit which I stalked spied on Reece Witherspoon in US Magazine...

Hilbils was the first outta the gate with the retro Wayfarer purchase this season followed by Emma then Babe...

Sooo, heads up Sandy! I shall be swinging by shortly for my Twirl Yellow club membership pair. New whip calls for new shades...

(whispers) and, maybe these too...

Kindness of Babe who will recall promising me a pair of Wayfarers prior to the hammer dropping. And, Sandy at Shades At The Beach for always taking care of us and our cultish habits...XXOO


  1. Ray Bans...gotta be the Ray Bans....best eye protection available....and last for years!

  2. I'm more of a fashion sunnies kind of girl, but my bff swears by Maui Jim and my husband pretty much ONLY wears Raybans and while he has 3 pairs, I haven't seen him in any other sunnies than the classic wayfarers for 2 years now. He bought them on our honeymoon and has been loyal ever since!

  3. Is the Canoe the Maui Jim that you have been wearing for years? (thanks for this blog btw, bc I just lost my Raybans!)

  4. I got the Canoes last March in the Houston airport en route home from Mexico. Remember, I was texting my sister from the Sun Glass Hut about the looming purchase unaware that she was sitting right next to Babe? Yesiree, busted. But, like I said, it's pretty much been a version of that Maui Jim style for a decade. And, they have grrreat customer service...XXOO

  5. Thank you for the advice for the boys! I've been trying to upgrade the bf's sunglasses forever. ;)

  6. My husband has had the same aviators since 1978. We have friends younger than his sunglasses.

    My stepson and his buddy stole, er, borrowed my 2 pairs of old timey Wayfarers....perhaps I shall have to join the retro club as well. The new Wayfarers have a much better fit than the originals. The frames are lighter.

  7. My Louis Vuitton Conspiration Pilote sunglasses are amazing...in different lights the LV monograms reveal themselves on the lenses...LOVE

  8. Wow, nice timing! Just yesterday I was thinking that my Marc Jacobs sunnies were getting a little tired and I wondered what you'd recommend. Now I know - great service :) Thanks!

  9. Thanks so much - you are the best!!!

  10. i heart ray bans... i bought these a few months ago and they rarely leave my face:


  11. I, too, am a Maul Jim polarized devotee, and for some odd reason, they refuse to get lost (you know how sunglasses have a way of...straying? My MJs don't)

    RayBan has a small selection of polarized lenses, but not enough to suit me.


  12. I love my RayBans and my Ralph Lauren sunglasses. What a great look you have here!

  13. Hi Allie - love that you're a lifeguard!!!

    Are you year-round?

    Happy Friday!


  14. WAS. Was a lifeguard. And, summer, natch...XXOO