31 May, 2011

Alix Of Bohemia

The evolution of an Aide-de-Camp Lizzie and Allie purchase...

"Did you see Elements of Style blog today?! Already emailed for pricing on the Alix of Bohemia Camelia tie dye and the Edie." xxoo Lizzie

omg let me know what the response is. dyyying for the camelia in the cotton tie-dye! also, if you go to her website there are some thumbnails pics of a couple other gorg pieces. also like the picasso blouse and 2 of her dresses...

except the prettiest dress i don't have theee, ah, "bits" to carry off. thanks for the heads up!!! XXOO [continued back and forth banter about recent Jen's Pirate Booty order]

"No response from Alix of Bohemia yet. I'm sure she was inundated with emails bc of the post today." xxoo Lizzie [continued back and forth banter about Gwynnie's appearance and wardrobe on Who Do You Think You Are followed by debate on whether or not she has her brows dyed]

oh wait, do you know anything about sizing for the camelia shirt? XXOO

"She'll just want to know what size you normally take in Calypso, your height and your bust size. I ordered the pink and blue tie dye with blue and white striped trim, per Alix's recommendation." xxoo Lizzie [continued back and forth banter about which size we both take in the AG Stilt]

Hi Alix! My dear friend Lizzie forwarded your info to me and I too would love to order a Camelia in the pink/blue tie-dye. Please let me know what info you need from me. Merci!


"My Camelia blouse came!" [continued back and forth texting about my Camelia custom order, Elle McPherson vs Kelly Killoren Bensimon and scheming my order of her much coveted Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams bed in background for new Greenwich digs]

Next on the Alix of Bohemia docket: stalking a pair of the limited edition Icon Trews in Classic Leopard for fall...

Alex of Bohemia website
Alix of Bohemia blog
Alix of Bohemia FB page

Kindness of Aide-de-Camp Lizzie for the heads up on the great Alix of Bohemia find. Annnd, for not minding the copied duplicate Camelia blouse order. Great Jen's Pirate Booty ordering/Gwynnie lovin'/Stilts same sizing/team Elle McP alike minds and all...XXOO


  1. Everyone should have a friend like your aide-de-camp, Lizzie!

    Dumb question: what is Pirate's Booty? Is it the popcorn snack?

  2. Jen's Pirate Booty is a clothing brand I've posted about recently. Calypso carried their white Goddess dress, which is now sitting in my closet along with one of her lilac Ponchos...XXOO

  3. And almost all the way through this post I thought "Alix of Bohemia" was a name Max had given your hippie incarnation! Don't worry. I finally figured it out:).

  4. Thank you for not mentioning your stilt size and making me cry with envy!

    Enjoy the blouse :-)

  5. Ah. A white goddess dress is much more exciting than a bag of pop corn.


  6. That Erin from Elements of Style is a fabo decorator too! Maybe she would venture down to Greenwich. Enjoy!

  7. Oh Alice, I'm dying!!! Those pants! I have about 15 variations of that shirt...obsessed. Thanks for the intro : ) x KO

  8. Alix is one of my good friend's sister! She is amazing and her clothes are beautiful.

  9. I love it! It would be PERFECT paired with some white jeans!

  10. These must be the trews you're getting, they are spectacular!