03 June, 2011

All Polished Up For Summer

'Twas that time o' year again...

Time to spring clean all my gold jewelry with soap, warm water and a soft brush...

And, polish the dickens outta my sterling...

All the better to see against summer bronzed skin my dear...

Then it was manically on to all my Mason Pearson brushes and combs annnd eventually sunglasses...

The cleaning mania continued très early the next morn when I whisked away the watch, belt buckle and money clip of a didn't arrive home from Greenwich til after midnight sleeping Babe for some serious deep cleaning over tea...

Stress caused by reading of wife's recent purchasing sprees on her blog each day while faaaar from home + sterling = beaucoup amounts of tarnish...

Kindness of Babe who is always genuinely appreciative when I make his loot all clean and sparkly too. Kinda balances out the purchasing spree crimes dontcha think? XXOO


  1. Can you believe when I am upset I go around polishing silver. About three years ago when my mom was very ill my family would catch me polishing the silver in the middle of the night!

  2. Everything looks great! I love all the signet rings. And the dog cufflinks.

  3. I agree with Gracie Beth that polishing is great therapy for grief. I had to have my dearly loved Kirboo, a 16-year old Brown Tabby, put to sleep yesterday, I rounded up everything to polish and today and polishing with soap,
    warm water and many tears.

    Leslie G

  4. Wow! Nice job. Do you make house calls?

  5. Buy yourself a Lortone tumbler!

    Everything gets sparkly, shiny clean with dishsoap.

  6. So sorry about Kirboo Leslie. I'll ask Templeton to introduce himself ♥

  7. what a smart project to take on! i need to do this asap! xoxo jillian:: enter to win a leigh viner print!

  8. Love my silver after it's all polished... Jewelry, flatware, serving pieces. Love it all!

  9. have you seen the Mason Pearson pink hairbrush? made me giggle, we alway buy the standard brown though.