04 February, 2011

Rock On Witch Yer Bad Self...

Paper's got nuthin' over this rock...

But, you may rock the boat with your less than secure girlfriends when they spy you wearing it...

So, caught between a rock and a hard place, you'll generously offer to let them all take a turn rockin' it...

Oh sure, they may try and rock the night away hoping you'll forget to ask for it back...

But, that's okay cuz when you're rockin' around the clock, it's easy to just rock and roll with it...

You're like the Rock of Gibraltar when it comes to putting your friends happiness first...

Annnd, if it so happens that your Jules Reid Lucite Rocks their world, then you'll just let 'em rock on with their bad selves...

Kindness of Jules Reid for channeling my beloved Mrs. Roper in a most sophisticated, if Mr. Roper hadn't been such a cheapskate, India Hicks meets Babe Paley in Roundhill for sunset cocktails, nail on the Gypset head kind of way...XXOO


  1. How fun!!! Oh I'm so ready for the the warmer weather!!! seeing these photos I'm dreaming of warm places to escape.. of course now I will need a Lucite rock by JR to complete the look .. happy Friday ..HHL

  2. While I do adore the rock aaand the frocks, I simply must have my very own British telephone booth! Where ever can I find one for myself??

  3. love every little bit of this post. BMM heart-eyes emoticon.

    also- once raced in a boat named "Your Bad Self"- thanks for the memory of this :)



  4. My Grandmother dressed just like Mrs. Roper, the bright colors, big jewelry, big red hair and always with a Moore cigarette. I miss my Grandmother, thanks for the lovely memory so early in the morning!

  5. I want those darling pink shorts in the first pic!

    ~ TCC

  6. The british telephone booth was brought home one day by my husband. There is a pink one that we always see on our way to the beach, and for years ... I have talked about it. Literally out of the blue, he pulled up in front of our house and unloaded this telephone booth. You have to know that this was a big deal, because he never does anything like this. Since, the booth has adorned our living room,,,, and we love it. My 3 little boys play in it all of the time.
    Where to find one? I have NO clue. But, now that you are looking... you will find it! That always happens. xo
    Jules Reid

  7. How funny - I was literally just browsing the Jules Reid website!! LOVE the telephone booth : ) Have a great weekend!! xo KO

  8. The women...they are lovely. Might you consider future posts that focus more on the women and a bit less on the stuff we men are supposed to buy them. Thank you in advance.

    The Police