16 February, 2011

Pay Nooo Attention to That Woman Behind The Curtain...

PVE was doling out "Stylish Blogger" awards and, yet again, I somehow managed to slip past the velvet rope. As a recipient I'm asked to divulge 7 "style secrets" but, since I'm a wolf in stylish sheep's clothing, I think it's more beneficial to ya'll if I dish on 7 secrets that helped me to pull the wool pashmina over PVE's eyes...

1. I was sitting on the beach in Naples six years ago dissecting a Gwynnie interview in Vogue when she volunteered her hair care secret, "It doesn't matter if you are pregnant, I swear to God, I have double-processed blond hair, and it’s so long and not damaged. Those New Chapter Prenatal vitamins, they are the trick!”. Annnd, I've been using them since...

2. Theee very first place I run whenever I'm in NYC is the J. Sisters Salon, another GP Vogue rec from the archives, for a world class Brazilian and brow wax. No one compares...

3. A woman first shows signs of aging in her face, neck and back of hands sooo, even though the rest of my body may be soaking up the PTH's, that real estate is always slathered in heavy duty sunscreen...

4. God forbid, I should ever find myself in a trauma bay, it won't be, "call my husband" I'll manage to croak, it'll be, "call the surgeon". If I took ooone thing away from Babe's years in medical school, it's that no one knows their way around the anatomy like someone who's trained in surgery. So, when it comes to Botox pour moi, it's a plastics guy or no guy at all...

5. All those years of competitive swimming spent with a straw like, chlorinated Simba doo taught me to wash and condition my hair first when showering allowing the conditioner to sit and work it's magic while I knock out the rest of my bathing duties...

6. I rarely, and I mean rarely, blow dry my hair but, when under duress to, I swear by the Tourmaline T3. Ranks right up there with the Mason Pearson brush...

7. If you learn nothing but the basic fold for tying a scarf you'll double your style quotient...

Also, if numbers 3 and 4 should fall by the wayside, the basic fold will come in quite handy for hiding ones neck later in life...

Kindness of the très talented Patricia at
PVE for generously bestowing me with this award. Just remind me to never come out from behind the curtain lest I be striped of my title...XXOO


  1. The hair skin and nail vitamins I take have the exact same ingredients as prenatal vitamins but I refuse to purchase the cheaper prenatal ones made by the same brand because I am so worried I will run into someone I know at the store and they will assume me expecting!

  2. Great post! Was in Kiehl's on Saturday and thought of you. Didn't buy anything, but walked out with bookoo samples! woo hoo!

  3. Just curious-did you happen to read the Paltrow Problem article in Time magazine a couple of month ago? Would be interested in your thoughts about it.


  4. You deserve EVERY award that comes your way. You are brilliant, funny, beyond chic (well, obviously). Pure joy!



  5. I am in desperate need of a new hairdryer. Will be sure to check out your recomendation.

  6. Did not read that but, will look for it. Althooo, it sounds like something that's gonna attempt to rain on my Gwynnie parade...XXOO

  7. Fabulous tips! But if GP thinks her hair doesn't look damaged, that could be the Paltrow Problem - lol.

  8. a good brazilian is the best thing in the entire world! and as a joke one summer when I was in development camp, I took prenatal vitamins and hello that was the best skin and hair I've ever had- thanks for the reminder that I need to get back on that bandwagon!



  9. Great list! Have you heard of the new Rosa Arctica Kiehls cream? I think I need to try it out! The words "luxuriously thick" were used to describe it. FAB!

  10. loves it! at the risk of scaring the bejeezus out of my beloved, i will be purchasing those vities stat!

  11. I think I need those pre-natals! I've had a hysterectomy!! Now, that would be funny. Might scare my husband too much, though. . . .

  12. Hi! We have been following your blog for a long long time now! We love your quick wit and just want to know where we can find a babe of our own one day?? Now that we have started our own blog, we just wanted to say hi!

    xo elle & em

  13. glad I have some scarves for hiding my neck...now all I need is a caftan...
    you are always so funny - love your stylish list.

  14. LOVE the list!! I am quick to note skin and beauty advice - def need to check out those prenatal vitamins...who knew?!?