25 February, 2011

Alex Grant For The Nautical Neck

Our friend Skip Brooks over at Alex Grant blog is debuting his bow tie design March 3rd on Style Cooperative...

This sailor's rolling out his design in both a navy/white and a brown/white combo in homage to the boat shoe...

Ahhh...the Easter candy's stocked at Teeters...Alex Grant bow ties are in the air...Spring is just around the bend...

Kindness of Skip Brooks at
Alex Grant for thinking this blog influential enough to announce his foray into the world of fashion design. Annnd, in accordance with our established terms, I'd like my pay in Easter candy. Heavy on the Cadbury Egg...XXOO


  1. I miss Teeters!!!! Now that's a grocery!

  2. We're not even into Lent and you're talking about Easter candy?!

  3. That guy in the photo is way too cute. mmmmm

    I JUST ordered a few ties for my son, who will be a freshman next year and is required to wear a tie to high school everyday. This source is a great, fun and different for my boring, conservative, New England town... thankfully he loves Lilly ties...but any suggestions on cleaning them??? Teenage boys, ya' know?

  4. Congratulations on your venture and design!

  5. I've only ever taken ties to the drycleaners to be cleaned. Most of Babe's ties are Hermès and I'm not willing to take the gamble at home. But, if anyone would know how to clean silk or wool ties at home it'd be Housewife Bliss blog...XXOO

  6. Common sense is obvious when sober!

  7. I have hand washed Hermes ties. I know it sounds crazy but Dawn works well. You never, ever wring them out but lay them flat and then roll them up in a pure white towel to remove the excess water. Then you hang them to dry and press the tie between a slightly damp, white paper towel to get out the wrinkles.

    Here's what you tell yourself if you need to wash a tie. 1). The dry cleaner will likely not get out the stain. 2) The tie is already ruined if it still has the stain so you can really do it no harm.

  8. Thanks! That is perfect for teenage ties! It is worth trying to remove the spot by hand washing than to throw them away. I have sent many ties to the dry cleaners with spots that have not been removed. Tiger mothers do not send their children to school with dirty uniforms/clothing! Now if the cats would stay away from my daughters wool kilts! Enjoy, XOXO