21 February, 2011

Babe In The House

While Allie takes a breather on President’s Day, I thought the readers would appreciate getting a sense what their favorite blogger is like around the house. And while marriage is pure bliss, our own “Meredith” from Family Stone is really a little Marine in preppy clothing...

Allie operates like a German rail schedule – predictable and punctual. If a train is late in Germany, check your watch…well, if a morsel is spotted on our counter, clean your glasses. It is not by accident that she has churned out a post at 12:01 am every Monday-Friday for the past 2 years...

If there is one event reminiscent of my weekly departure for the city, it is the changing of the guard at Arlington National Cemetery. The only difference being the lack of steel-heeled shoes and rifle (substitute suitcase and laptop bag). The "uniform" inspection is just as precise, with frequent infractions for failure to use a lint brush or tie a proper scarf knot. I may have wrinkles and lint on my person during the week but, not on my Sunday afternoon Acela ride...

Kindness of Allie for everything she does for our family. We all appreciate it, even if we may want to go AWOL every now and then.

Annnd kindness of Babe for guest posting and allowing me a lazy Sunday. I'd just like to add that Meredith may be uptight but, she's also extremely well dressed. Ooorah! XXOO


  1. Dearest Babe and Allie~

    Simply put, I adore the both of you!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  2. Very cute post! Have a great week!

  3. LOL!!! We have seen A LOT of post party messes posted here. So we know she eats and has fun during warmer weather. Your future children will be healthier and happier being raised by a Tiger Mom, she's just practicing on you for now.

  4. Family Stone is one of my fav movies mostly cuz I totally relate to Meredith - glad to know I am not alone.

  5. Aw Babe, so nice of you to take a "post". We do love Allie VonAwesomeness the most.

    AVA, I have the biggest girl crush on Claire Daines in Family Stone. Love her. Happy Day off to you, Babe and the kittens. xoxo

  6. Babe, you are too funny. My husband would agree with you, since he is also married to a Marine in Prep clothing. Hey, at least y'all can bring someone over at the drop of a hat without being embarassed!

  7. Last night we had a "riddle off" which made me immediately think of the two of you and how exacting and fun both of you must be.
    Off to clean the counter until they shine should her serene von awesomeness be on route. Although we have not yet met, I can only imagine it to be all that and more.
    Babe- you are a true raconteur! (right behind our Allie)

  8. Bravo! Loved hearing from the 'better half' :)