18 February, 2011

Double Delicious, With Potential Double Pay Out

Since Emma and Hilbils tend to eat cleanly, unlike their aunt, and are both into cooking, Babe and I gifted them Jessica Seinfeld's Double Delicious cookbook to take back to school...

I also took advantage of the purchasing moment to throw one in the cart for myself and signed up for Jessica's Do It Delicious newsletter where she posts cooking videos she makes with her sidekick, and our old G'town neighbor, Aly Wentworth...

So far, all I've done is obsessively thumb through the cookbook drooling and watch the videos. Meanwhile, Hilbils is sending me pic texts of Jessica's homemade black bean burgers and sweet potato fries. Ummm, are ya sure you don't wanna live at the beach house this summer and cook for spend more time with us?

Kindness of Hilbils for thoughtfully sending me a pic text to let me know how much she's enjoying her cookbook. Nevermind that it came in as I was sitting down to my FROZEN black bean burger and NO fries dinz...XXOO


  1. Wow-- Not very nice reviews on Amazon.

  2. I also read the reviews on Amazon. I was so tempted to buy the cookbook but the reviews scared me away. Please keep us updated as you try the recipes.

  3. That looks delish! This foodie will have to check it out for herself. Have a great weekend!
    PS--who wouldn't be willing to cook for beach house visits??

  4. I love the cover, and her blog is very cool as well!! xxxxx