10 February, 2011

The 86'd Valentine Gift List

When Hilary's bf Rob started contemplating Valentine gifts for Princess Picky Pants, he turned to Emma for some input. Emma wisely came to the Queen...

So, I cobbled together a very respectable list of offerings and the global (read, spring break in Mehico next month) Kindle 3G was at the very top. This was a double teamed entry with a rec for the Kate Spade cover submitted by Camp Fahrenkopf. But, 'twas shot down by HRH (Her Royal Hardtobuyfor). Shot down til she sits next to me on the beach using mine...

I offered up Tory's très apropos Valentine Pajama Set. Another pooh pooh heard round the world...

How about some state of the art Skullcandy 50/50 earbuds to go with that en route iPhone? NaaaHOT interested...

You are kidding me! She turned her nose up at the Calypso Love Lurex Scarf in the chardona pink too? But, she loves Calypso, she loves scarves, and, it's within Rob's budget...Oh lordy Emma. She doesn't like the candles I picked...she doesn't like the hot chocolate and marshmallows suggestion...what does she want???

Ahhhaaa...so it's a new Tory Burch Continental Wallet that's twice Rob's budget she's after. This is in addition to him flying her to Penn to be with him for the weekend?

That Hilbils! What a stinkin' princess. Picky annnd expensive to please? I can't imaaagine where she gets THAT from...

Kindness of Babe for taking notice of the above subliminal Hermès plant. Annnd that, my little protégé, is what ya call killing two birds with one scarf...XXOO


  1. I adore such fastidious learners.
    You should be a make-over Queen for one of those horrid reality shows.

  2. I have some lofty expectations for Valentines too but I have a feeling I will be greatly disappointed...a girl’s gotta stick to her guns!

    I tagged you today in a fun little game I started...what are your five favorite movies? xx

  3. I am so glad you posted this today, as I just noticed the 90s went up in price from $375 to $385...our investment is paying off already! That should please Babe, no?

  4. This post was hilarious!!!!! I love it!

  5. Can I have the loot she doesn't want?

  6. I just wanted you to know that thanks to your lovely post on the Racheal Leigh Audrey bracelet, I will be a happy owner of a pink one comes Valentines day! I had to show the Hubs the post, but he got the hint loud and clear. I hope you get the commission :)

  7. I'd take those Tory PJs in a heartbeat!

  8. She's gorgeous! Let her have high standards!!!!lol

  9. The scarf from Calypso can also be found at GRACIE!!!
    but I also have to say.... I lOVE the nook color!!

  10. I die! Such a fun post.

    Hang in there Rob. The path of Princess to the throne always seems to be eventful. Her Majesty, Queen SIAV, will most assuredly will help the journey less bumpy.

    Happy Valentines Day to the Court.


  11. LOVE the hermes scarf! just wish they werent so expensive :) xoxo jcd