15 February, 2011

Gone To Ground

We're in hiding...

In hiding from Mummy's Mummy who keeps Skyping to see if she's booked her flight to Mexico after promising to do so daily for months, Emma who keeps texting to see if she's activated the iPhone she's been sitting on for a week and gathering dust emails from Jessica of The Love List who is giving her blog a mini face lift and patiently waiting for some dialogue...

We were in hiding from the bff's daily phone calls holding our feet to the did you work out today fire...

But, she found us and, alas, the workouts have resumed...

It's not like we've been laying around eating Girl Scout cookies all day. Okay, the part about not eating Girl Scout cookies isn't true but, I swear we've been eating them sitting up! We've just gotten a smidge behind in everything but, have grand delusions plans for getting eeeverything tied up this week. Just give us a few more days in the bag...

Kindness of the bff Kimba and Babe for gently, but firmly, coaxing me back into my workout routine. I think the Butt Police over at Camp Maxminimus had begun to smell Thin Mint blood in the water...XXOO


  1. What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie? My weakness is the "Thanks a Lot", a shortbread-type cookie bathed in chocolate on one side.

  2. I guess we all need kicks in the derrier to get motivated....Summer is only 3 months away...now did I catch your attention?

  3. Well it waaas Thin Mints, Samoas and Tagalongs until you mentioned "shortbread in bathed in chocolate". Thanks a Lot to you Carole. I'll be like Charlie Sheen this weekend but, with a suitcase full of Girl Scout cookies! XXOO

  4. sometimes a kick in the fanny is the only way it happens :(

    tagged you, btw :)


  5. Mmmmmmm. Thin mints! Oh, and thanks alot, Carole! More calories for me to know about.

  6. oh, I know the feeling well.....just 2 more cookies and I'll go for that run.....ok, maybe 3 more.....

  7. Thin Mint blood in the water? I die. For me it's definitely Samoa blood. We've all been there, lady!