01 June, 2010

If I Can't Eat, I'm Gonna Have To Lift The Shopping Ban

Emma and I are wrapping up the final (Allelujaaahhh...) day of our two day fast and are fading rapidly. We both snoozed pretty hard on the beach today and I also plan on hitting the hay early tonight in anticipation of breakfast. Kashi Heart to Heart with fresh strawberries and skim milk never looked so good...

Fortunately, I had a couple of friends send some distracting goodies my way. From Joanie of Belgian Show fame came My Mother's Clothes. Hmmm...maybe I should start thinking about cataloguing my own duds just in case. Ya never know what could end up in a book or the Met a la Nan Kempner...

And, from my good friend of Ledury Shirt fame, Alexandra Lee, came The Hermès Scarf, History & Mystique...

Did I tell ya'll about my dream you could check out Hermes enamel bangles at the public library? Somehow my subconscious got it's "Hermès" and "book" wires crossed in a most disappointing way...

Kindness of Joanie DiNardo and Alexandra Lee Small for such fabulous distractions from starving myself fasting. And yes, ADG, my butt IS fasting regardless of the fact that the drink has the word "shake" in the title. Water and powder do not a shake make...XXOO


  1. You're very brave for enduring the fast. I don't think I could do it. You might as well shop, I mean you can't BAN everything, right? xoxo

  2. I hope you enjoyed your breakfast!!! I find fasting over the weekend very hard at times...everyone wants to eat!

  3. Allie, how was the fast? Are you pretty much down for the count the entire two days? I ordered one of each flavor of the BB fast stuff and can't decide if I am going to be brave/stupid enough to do them back to back. Should I just do one and then the next one a few weeks later? xo xo

  4. I think Kashi anyything is like it's only little cleanse! Enjoy having a regular meal!!! I drank my calories this weekend. :)

  5. Checking out Hermes bangles at the library would be my dream come true!

  6. This fast business is NOT going to jump start a diet. It is instead designed to slow down your metabolism.

    Love the documentary.

  7. fresh back from "the Barn"- Slim for Life by Gillian McKeith and The End of Overeating, David Kessler.

    you can hire me to catalogue your clothing for your clothing retrospective book... I'll hire you for mine! you need to pick up a book that's titled something like "a vera wang evening dress and target underwear"- the gal is hilarious and looks back at her life in clothes/trends.



  8. Fasting is SO a misnomer. Nothing ever crawled by more slowly...

    I will also take some of the Hermes blame via my post about wrapping Spousey's leg in a scarf...