21 June, 2010

Diet Monday, Again...

We are modestly only posing for head shots after another guilt inducing weekend of stuffing our faces with junk-o-rama including our fav Southern Mint Chocolate brownies and...

THIS monster, who required nearly a half a stick 'o buttah and more than my share of Rumbauer. Vogue on the Range, looks like we have no choice but to accept your challenge of "5 by the 4th". Off for the dreaded Monday weigh in...

Kindness of the search party that will be dispatched if I don't return tomorrow. I suggest sending the hounds in the direction of the bathroom scale where I will likely be found in the fetal position with bits of brownie under my nails...XXOO


  1. Oh my goodness I am drooling at the sight of that lobster... it's huge! A big slice of lemon and an unessasarily huge bowl of butter would go perfect with that. Clearly, I'm not doing well with my diet either haha

  2. oooh I know, right?! 2 workouts in already. once this gmat business is over, I get to have abs again.



  3. Beautiful lobster photo but don't know how you got by with only a half stick of butta!!!!
    Maybe Monday is not a good weigh
    in day and besides summer is for fun and you love it so. Have fun, be happy!!!!

  4. Summer is like one long vacation- it is so hard to diet! Alchohol kills all my overeating inhibitions. I have a new Lilly bikini arriving today so hopefully I will get back on track too! One day won't kill you! BTW I keep looking at Meg Carter's website.... thanks for the temptation! WP

  5. Look at that fluffy little face, I'm definitely a dog person but your kitty is melting my heart!

  6. Yumalicious! Mmm-mmm good, but oh that scale, it never lies. :(

    Sending you a smile Miss Summer,