03 June, 2010

Furry Spiritual Guides

This past weekend Ellen, aka "I Love Lime Green", emailed me about a seven year old female Flame Point Himalayan that was up for adoption at the Bethesda Petsmart. My heart immediately broke for her and after a long conversation with her tender I went weeping to Babe...

Alas, sniffle, sniffle, we can not bring an adult cat into my sister's beach rental. So, if there's anyone in the DC area, who can make a good home for a furry angel that requires regular grooming, please call 240.497.1350

Since my hands are tied in this situation I'm headed over to a place that was near and dear to Templeton's heart, Angel's Gate, to assuage my disappointment by helping some other lovable critters in need...

If you can get past the first 15 seconds of the producer's très scary choice in branding music you'll understand why Angel's Gate meant so much to Tatsie's caring and generous heart...

So, in his honor, Pilgie and I are looking at a few things on their wish list including wee wee pads and baby wipes for Sydney the Lab...

A donation for Bootsie, who was born without lower hind limbs, towards her much needed reevaluation and new hinged orthotics...

Orrr...some diabetic supplies for Babette...

I'll have to wake up nutty butty to confer on what we should give...

Hope his Highness realizes how good he has it lying there on his 600 thread count French linens...

Kindness of Ellen Garrity for all her legwork on behalf of the sweet Himmy up for adoption. I may not be able to become her Mummy but, I'm honored to stand in as fairy Godmummy til she finds a good home...XXOO


  1. Dear Allie,
    Thank you very much for raising your readers' consciousness about Angel's Gate. But for anyone who is considering the acquisition of a furry friend, PLEASE visit your local shelter... the financial/housing crisis has (among many other things) caused many shelters to experience an increase in displaced pets available for adoption.
    So that brand new kitten or puppy might be adorable, but there are so many middle-aged pets at your local shelter who are available for adoption.
    And the Flame Point Himalayan at the Bethesda Petsmart is just beautiful - that's the first-hand report.

  2. Oh I want to care for all these precious pets. They are all beautiful and deserve a loving home. Great post!

  3. First of all your cat precious, and second those animals in need just break my heart. I will definately head over to the site and donate something :)

  4. laughed about the scary branding music- true. and who knows- some of all of these kitties might find a home because you shed light on them! good deed for the day- done!



  5. I am loving the Himalayan. Oh so tempting to adopt, but won't be home for another three weeks and even then will be traveling. I need a rental kitty.

  6. Now that I am in tears at my desk, I am the proud Sponsor of Dillon, well worth giving up my daily Starbucks habit.

  7. Oh my gosh, this post has me fighting back tears. If I were in DC, that precious cat would be mine. Angel's Gate is such a good cause...I want to bring them all home with me!

  8. Allie--from the looks of it, your cat doesn't sleep on anything except 600 thread count French linens...


  9. I am an animal lover. I love them all and don't like to see any of them killed - even a snake! But as a lifelong horsewoman I have to say that it is just downright cruel to not put that animal down. I applaud what this group is doing but please know that sometimes it really isn't in the animals best interest to keep them alive.

    Sometimes we as humans have to look past our own selfish desires and do what is best for the animal. I board my horse at a barn where the owner thinks she is doing the animals a favor by keeping them alive. I'm not joking when I say that she would keep some of the animals on life-support if she could. There is a horse there that is 50. I am NOT pulling your leg. That animal should have put down years ago.

  10. This Flame Point Himalayan is still up for adoption...and June is Adopt-a-Cat Month. I'd adopt her if I didn't already have two cats (one Himalayan).