07 June, 2010

Goings On 'Round The Blogging Hood

Well, Meg Carter held her random drawing for the four $250 gift certificates and guess who was one of the lucky winners?

The bff Kimba, who had actually put up a small fight when I pulled out my camera at dinner to snag this pic. That's right, who's thanking who now hmmm....

We've been conferring on possible goodies to get with my her shopping spree and we're leaning towards these as possible mates to her Van Cleef and Arpels tigers eye Alhambra bracelet...

Or, these which also would pair nicely with her bracelet annnd the Rolex with the tigers eye face that we are expecting Santa to deposit under her tree this year. This would be a good time to mention the email I received from reader Mary Anne Estes singing the praises of Meg's customer service and asking me to mention it on my blog. My pleasure Mary Anne...

In from Camp Maxminimus are the picture texts of Paul McCartney and his gal pal at the G'town Four Season's bar...

Ole Max kept me entertained last Monday evening with his celeb documenting including Paul, Jack White, Karen Elson and the Jonas Brothers while grabbing drinks and dinner with our mutual friend...

Meanwhile, back in London Ringo was on the receiving end of this picture text from Paul with a, "get a load of this guy's pants in the Four Season's bar" caption...

And, in Belgian Shoe news, looky what is contributing to the Duchess's financial woes. At least I know I'm in good company...

Although, the two of us may soon find ourselves sporting the poor woman's Belgian Shoe currently at Kmart. I guess you could call it the "step down" Belgian. Santa, if you're still tuned in, me no likey. Rubber Belgians = coal...

Kindness of Meg Carter for hosting such a fabulous giveaway, ADG and his GTH panted self for knowing how I so love a good celeb sighting and, reader Lisa Musgrave for keeping me abreast of not only important Hermes sales but, equally imperative Belgian Shoe updates...XXOO


  1. great giveaway... love the celeb sightings.. saw nicole sheridan and joan van ark at the ivy day we were there... (knots landing anyone!?!) and the knock off shoes will NEVER compare to our favorite belgian shoes...

    xx pam

  2. Congrats to Kimba and to K-mart for those fab shoes at fab savings....
    I think I might try a pair...

  3. You are hilarious! "Rubber Belgians = coal" - they are kind of cute though...

  4. oh dear Alice... why ruin such a fabulous post with a picture of Fergie? Belgian shoes or not, money certainly did not buy her class, did it? Rubber Belgians? Seriously? Where oh where did Papagallo go? Remember them? I had loads in my Boston dorm-room closet. Belgian style shoes for the classy and broke!

    and by now I hope you have stopped this fasting silliness... you were much more fun to watch stuffing your face with girl scout cookies and other sugary delights!

    Have a great day! XOXO

  5. OMG they're rubber? They are cute but rubber shoes are dreadful to wear! Like when you walk and they bend in half...ya know? Yuk!

  6. KMart or not, those shoes are too cute!

  7. At $5 a pop, JDR probably isn't going to get to ticked if you stock up on KMart's Belgians... AND if it rains you won't have to worry about ruining them.

  8. Haha! You are so funny! "Rubber Belgians = coal"

    I had to pick myself up off the floor!!

  9. The rubber "Belgians" are too funny. Not a bad deal tho, for $5.00. Still. . . . . .

    thanks for giving Meg her well-deserved shout out and congrats to your friend for winning the gift cert!

  10. Yay Kimba! I am obsessed with her lime and pearl studs! I remember Papagallo shoes...I had tons when I was a little one. I think my mom saved her favorites for my children. xx

    ps: I met a friend of Babe’s this past weekend.

  11. That is too funny, the Belgian Shoe Update! Kmart...seriously? Wow.

    And we love the other update's especially the plan for Santa's gift to Meg.

    Smiles at you,

  12. I'm thinkin' that if you wanted to do a Belgian 'drive-by Belgian shoe toss' at ADG, the KMart rubbers might be the way to go. No need to ruin a perfectly great pair of shoes just to prove a point.

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  14. No No No!
    In the photo Ringo took, you were to make us guess the location by the carpet!!!

  15. Oooh, I <3 Belgian shoes! What's funny is looking on the Belgian shoes website and seeing how the shoes only come in one style, but endless possibilities of colors...some of the wild color combos crack me up!

    Haha, and like you, the poor woman's version is going to have to do it for me!


  16. Those are some sublime pants that guy is wearing in the Four Seasons pic. Who dat?