29 June, 2010

Art In The Hand Is Worth Two On A Museum Wall

Exactly what I expect the floors of Willem de Kooning's studio to have resembled...

A de Kooning, I can not yet afford. But, a swanky Lauren Merkin multi splatter Eve clutch, quite doable...

Thanks to Whitney at Pink and Green Pup who alerted me to the Daily Candy discount code "candy30" which saved me Babe nearly fifty dollars. I have no idea how long this discount is valid so giddy up!

Kindness of my dear friend and old G'town neighbor Alexandra Lee Small. Babe has amassed quite the Ledbury collection since you brought them to my attention, so I think it only fair that I get to benefit from the your great taste too...XXOO


  1. I love that it would hide a multitude of stains.
    I love it!

  2. Love it! There was a code in one of my Daily Candys last week to save 30% on her site. Try candy30 to see if it still works.

  3. Thanks Whitney it worked! I saved $49.50, wowza. Well, actually you saved Babe $49.50...XXOO

  4. I always love finding coupon codes. It helps to "spave!"

  5. Beautiful clutch! Enjoy! :-) XOXO

  6. So glad it worked, Alice! I think you should buy three more. Then you can tell Babe that it was a buy three, get one free sale. ;-)

    Bethany, I love 'spave'. So using that the next time my husband asks me why I bought something.

  7. Just precious! And if I spilled something on it --- no one would ever know!

  8. foot stompin', Alli- I waaaaaaant this!

    you just always have the best finds, you need to run a newsletter or something with EVERYTHING that runs across your desk, because I know that we see only the creme de la creme!