30 June, 2010

Beach Towel Smeach Towel

It may not be the Hermes beach towel but, it is Hermes and it does go in my beach bag...

And, this memory game is just the thing to squeeze another hour of beach time out of an otherwise antsy Babe. Hmmm...Now, if I only had the perfect towel for spreading the cards out on...

Kindness of Babe for realizing this lil deck of cards is a stand in. NOT, I repeat NOT, a substitute...XXOO


  1. I will have to remember this game~ but how could we forget your obsession with the Hermes beach blanket towel. I of course love the illustrations.

  2. Seriously - someone needs to get you that towel!

  3. $215 for a memory game! that's just silly

  4. Such beautiful cards. Those are frame-worthy! And yes, they certainly would be lovely on a Hermes towel. Babe knows - this is just a precursor I am sure. :-) Have a great day!! xoxo

  5. $215 is a cheap price to pay to keep an antsy husband at the beach!

    Tell me if it works, I can't get mine to sit still for 20 minutes ;-)

  6. What a pretty set! Glad you found a way to keep your husband occupied for awhile. Mine gets antsy after a very brief time.