04 June, 2010

No Food And No Deliveries Do Not A Happy Girl Make

Pardon us but, we have had a physically exhausting week of fasting, daily morning workouts with the bff Kimba, quite a few brutal evening runs, lotsa late night sleepovers for Emma and Hilbils and no UPS deliveries to make up for it all...

Wake us when the eating ban is lifted for the weekend...

Kindness of Emma who will hopefully take her "running partner" responsibilities a little more seriously next week otherwise, the bff is gonna have to suit up and start pulling double duty. Just heard a squeal of panic from a midtown beach house...XXOO


  1. Ugh I feel your pain!!!!!
    There havnt been any deliveries here for a while too :O( The last thing I bought came with a pen mark and the seller's snarky attitude! :O(

  2. Yes, I too feel your pain (in a good way) It does take discipline....
    I need your address to send a little something....sorry to ask again....it is low cal but high energy!

  3. le sigh! at least no fun makes for a hot bod... I just keep on repeating that over and over throughout each lunge.



  4. I love the photos of your Himmys! I have a Persian and am contemplating the lion cut for her, but then I think I will miss her beautiful fluff too much. I guess I will sit on it some more...

  5. Argh......no deliveries here either. But there's been food and drink, I'm going to blame the binge madness on the oil spill! I'll be fasting and hitting the pavement again on Monday, but living it up until then. :-) Have a great weekend! XOXO

  6. That kitty is soo cute. He seems to be personality-plus, too!

  7. That cat is so darn cute! Call Ardmore Lilly and ask for Rebecca, tell her you know me and you want that vintage dress that is on my blog. It is full length. It would look great on you!

  8. Wow, I admire your energy! I'm never able to exercise when I'm fasting!