15 June, 2010

Last Stop On The Birthday Tour Of Gluttony

Okay, so the birthday boy wanted one last celebratory dinner out before we closed down the weekend tour of gluttony...

I was dragged kicking and screaming, from a très comfy perch at the pool, and given mere minutes to throw on some fancy duds and get my wet head presentable for the Blue Coast in Bethany Beach...

We dined on oysters, raw...

And, oysters stuffed (from cooler waters north so don't judge!)...

There was fried calamari...Caesar salad...spinach salad...penne with lobster and peas...lobster gumbo with cheese grits and okra...ugh, I'm getting queasy just listing it.

Suuuure...it's all fun and games til...

I spy "Homemade Twinkie" on the dessert menu...

And, I laugh through the tears cuz I know there is penance to pay come Monday morning in the form of TWO! P90Xhaustive workouts and a 3 miler with an afterburner last half mile for extra measure. Not so funny now is it?

Kindness of Babe who I luuuv having home but, will be relieved to have heading back to the Big Apple on Tuesday so I can get back to Diet Coke and salad city. Til the next weekend, natch...XXOO


  1. The trick is to just enjoy the dining experience without the self imposed guilt...you know you will be working out to burn it off so do not beat yourself up about it while consuming...it detracts from the experience....my two cents.
    I am hungry now from seeing those photos of obviously delicious food...

  2. Bluecoast is so yummy. I've never had the Twinkie but the baked apples are heavenly. xo xo

  3. The P90X box is sitting in my family room (on loan from my son). The box is staring at me & saying mean things about menopausal overweight body...

  4. Bluecoast sounds great! We're going to OC in October...and maybe for a weekend during the summer (if we can finagle a weekend at the condo...). We'll have to check it out!

  5. YUM! My mouth is watering just looking at that delicious food!

  6. LOL I love my husband but my goodness having him around is fattening!

  7. I know just how you feel. Scott is a foodie and while in CA last week on vacation we had 3 huge rich meals a day -mostly french. I enjoyed it (till the end of the week when I thought I would explode) but this week is offical 'clear the arteries' week! Salad for lunch and dinner and no meat!

  8. Homemade twinkie!?! It's too early in the day for food porn......

    Love your dress!

  9. YUM! I think I need to do an extra hour of cardio just from looking at that food.

  10. Wonderful. Enjoy, Enjoy

    La Dolce Vita

  11. Do I spy the van cleef and arpels alhambra earrings?

  12. Hey, you sure look like you are having fun. Penance is for later, right? Must say, the food looks wonderful.

  13. I love your dress! you look fab

  14. I love that last photo of you! You look so happy!

    I am heading to 94th Street Thursday with the kids for most of the summer. Maybe I will see you :)