28 June, 2010

Holiday Lite

This is what the heat, too much sun, and another weekend of gluttonous feasting will do to you. Sooo, we've decided to declare this entire week a holiday and take our duties down a notch. We'll still be here every morn but, we're going Reader's Digest on ya'll. Still good loot...still a bon mot or two...just more chill. Less heavy lifting, more beach time...

Annnd, since the theme of the week is "lite", I kindly ask my mother and my sister Genevieve to keep their cakes, pies, cream soups and all other homemade treats at THEIR house and away from my back on the dieting bandwagon self. And, no phone calls inviting me over for them either. And, while we're at it Emma, those Lime Tortilla chips are now verboten in THIS house thankyouverymuch...XXOO


  1. We had dinner out with friends and one had salad and cold soup....on a Saturday night. Weekend willpower, so over rated.... happy chillin.
    (Looks like a cool cat to me and so not a cat on a hot tin roof!)

  2. Mmm those hint of lime chips are the best!

  3. In line with "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie",

    "If you give her a lime chip...she's going to ask for a Corona Light."


  4. Sounds like you need a Coca Light. xoxo

  5. I need to try those Lime Chips ASAP! You deserve a break anyway, hope you are at the beach today, it's the perfect day! xoxo