16 June, 2010

Lunch With Meg Carter

Last week Meg Carter was nearby in Rehoboth Beach shooting her Fall, Holiday and Cruise lines so Kimba and I took advantage and met her for lunch...

She is as nice and as unassuming as she is talented. And, that was not just the four Diet Cokes I had talking...

Lucky us got a sneak peek at her soon to debut lines but, I ended up getting so distracted by the need to try everything on while creating my virtual wish list...

That these were the only shots I got off before self preservation kicked in. All I can say about the upcoming lines is, think Calypso...think white cashmere...think St. Barts...think, I gotta have it all!

So in order to make room on my Meg Carter wish list for the new stuff, I need to clear off the items currently queued up. Half of that list arrived today...

No silly Pilgie, you rub your nose on Buddha's belly, not his face...

And, biting Mummy's hand certainly won't bring you any luck...

Next up is the Mallorca necklace in pink which Meg was sporting at lunch. Stylish see, stylish do...

And, the Ibiza dangles in garden. Perf accompaniment to my current Lilly obsession. Post on that to follow. Too much at once and Babe will go into cardiac arrest in the back of some Town car...

Kindness of Meg Carter for meeting Kimba and me for lunch. We oooed and ahhhed so loudly over all her loot we drew a crowd and inaugurated some new fans into the MCD club...XXOO


  1. Oh my goodness! MCD has such lovely pieces, I really need to take the plunge and pick up a few myself. Lucky you! :-) XOXO
    p.s. almost spit out Diet Coke laughing about Babe having "cardiac arrest in the back of some Town Car". Hilarious!!!

  2. OK, I am now officially impressed! She is such a terrific designer. I have those pearl/opal earrings and get compliments whenever I wear them. I am not surprised that she is as nice as she is talented.

  3. Did you ever think of PR or Marketing...I mean seriously, you have such a way with making me want things. I never was a "cat" person, and I want one and a buddha bracelet and Lilly dress, and some sort of eccentric head turban.

  4. Just checked out her website- I must have the Georgica necklace w/turquois beads and shell- so beautiful! Sending to my husband to add to "my" wish list. Thanks!

  5. well, I have to add a pair of earrings from the second pic of the bijoux to my must have list! thanks for the sneaky peak!



  6. Beautiful!!!

    I am resisting the urge to go all grammar nazi on you! :O)

  7. Next on my MCD list are the "Big Pearl, little pink opal"...looks like a fun lunch and I can’t wait to see her new lines! xx

  8. Well clearly I should have been there. I am blonde and tan after all. LOL

  9. oh! I love, love, love her new pieces - lucky ladies to get a sneak peek.

  10. Fun! So jealous you got a preview!

  11. Oh my. I am now eagerly anticipating her new line. I have her earrings but haven't splurged on a necklace yet. MUST HAVE THAT BLUE FISH PENDANT!!! :)

  12. Oh la la! Her line is gorgie!!! I cannot wait to shop shop shop. Xoxo-BLC

  13. Love all of that jewelry!

  14. Love all the dangling earring in sea glass hues! Gorg!