27 April, 2010

Goodbye My Friend, Til We Meet Again In September

Only three more days til glorious oyster season officially draws to a close...

So when my parents called to invite me over for a last hoorah, I dropped the diet pretense and was at their door before you could say Jack Rabbit...

It was a five courser but, I only had eyes for courses two and three, the Oysters Medford and the fried oysters...

And, when Garden and Gun magazine lauded Ed's Red "the best oyster condiment they've ever tasted" my friend Stephanie, of Meg Carter fame, knew exactly who to alert. It may sit unopened for the next four months but, come September I'll be ready...

And, much love to Ali Culver for this gorgeous find...

If ever there was a more perfect belt...

Orrr, a smidge more expensive sterling version of the perfect belt. Decisions, decisions...

Kindness of Ali Culver for knowing exactly what a gal needs to tide her over through the R-less months...XXOO

Lest anyone forget...use the code "pinkandgreen" in the notes section to receive $20 off each pair of Stephen Bonanno sandals ordered during the Spring Sale this week...

Annnd...only three days left to utilize the "summerisaverb" 20% off discount on your Preppy Cards order.


  1. I'm in love with oysters too as i'm leaving in a oysters country ( Brittany France ) and they made my perfect saturday dinner meal ! BUT YOU KNOW WE EAT them raw with just lemon and bread with salt butter... COOKED they are delicious too !

  2. A- I am all for drowning sorrows, and embracing seasonal crustaceans, be they accessories or just mere indulgences that make life a little smoother.
    Something special is coming your way and it has the letter "R" in it as well.

  3. Love the last hurrah for oysters! That belt is gorgeous, too. xoxo

  4. I am still lost in the Preppy Cards website...they have so many cute options!

    Ya know...I dont think I have ever had an oyster!

  5. Yum...love, love, LOVE oysters!

    I was going to order a pair of the sandals...but it will take up to 15 weeks with the sale...I don't know...I might call them still! I just love their new summer 2010 style!

  6. ugh...don't remind me! farewell, oysters! i ordered the ed's as soon as i got that g&g e-mail. TDF! {as is that belt...}

  7. My friend, Jeff, invented a dish that he calls "Oysters Jeff-apeake" which are delish! Cheesy oysters.

    Fort McHenry has a benefit every year with all you can eat oysters for about $50! WOW. LOVE LOVE LOVE oysters!

  8. I love oysters. Especially fried ones!

  9. Love, love that oyster belt! Oysters rockefeller are my favorite!

  10. My father loved oysters. I can't get past the slime factor. Love them fried in bite size chunks, though. Suppose that shows my Southern roots. Deep fry it and they will come. ;-)

  11. I'm allergic to shellfish, but thanks for letting me try them vicariously through you! Cute post!!!

  12. How many different ways can you say "yum"? And the belt is divine, I love it.

    Sending you a smile,

  13. OMG!!!!!
    Thanks to you, I now have the perfect wedding gift for my fiance - the sterling oyster belt buckle!
    He loves, loves, loves oysters.
    My family summer house is in N. Eastham. His birthday was a few weeks after we met and I took him to Winslow's in Wellfleet.
    I'm beyond excited about this!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

  14. During this past Valentines weekend the wife and I headed down to OBX for an adult weekend. We started the festivities at Awful Authors in Nags Head with 2 pecks of steamed oysters. Oh I do like my oysters.

    PS - I made sure the belt was on the Father's Day list. Gotta have that one.


  15. Bought the oyster belt a few months ago from NRO. It's my spring/summer go to...the image on NRO doesn't do it justice. Just a really nice buckle....

  16. That Belt!!! Oh my gosh! Fabulous. xoxo

  17. I'm a little iffy on oyster texture. I'm sure it will come to me eventually. However, I am loving the belt find. Adorable!

  18. I tried to get that horse bit belt your husband has from our local store and they could not find it. What is the name of it again? I need one pronto LOL

  19. Yum... I love oysters!

  20. Way inspired: http://thecupcaketologist.tumblr.com/post/554812879/what-went-down-to-sea

    Thanks Alice!


  21. Interested...what are oysters medford? Looks delicious.
    And those fried babies made me want some NOW