21 April, 2010

♫ And All The Bells Were Ringing... ♫

I can't believe Dixie Carter passed. First Gray Rocks closes it's doors after 100 plus years and now Julia Sugarbaker is gone? It's too much. Too much I tell ya! Those Twinkies got all the good shelf life...

Although my family accuses me of being Suzanne, I do have more than a smidgeon of Julia in me. When my sister Mandy came home crying one day cuz Matt B had thrown at basketball at her head, I slammed down my homework, pronounced, "that's it!", and marched my tweenaged self over to the playground and within minutes was sitting on Matt's chest pummeling him with my fists. Not quite the eloquent Julia beat down, but a sisterly beat down just the same...

And, just so I leave y'all on a high note, my favorite Designing Women scene of all time followed by a few classic Julia/Suzanne bon mots...

[Boarding a plane]
Suzanne: Where are our seats?
Julia: I don't know. If history teaches us anything, mine will be next to a baby who smokes.

Suzanne: And I'll tell you something else. I am not eating octopus, walking around in my stocking feet, or takin' a bath with my neighbors no matter what those little people say.
Julia: It's always stimulating to travel with the international voice of racism.

Suzanne: I never use catalogs. I'd rather go in the store and see all the salespeople groveling and sucking up to you.
Julia: Pardon me, I never knew they were so solicitous at the K-Mart.

and one that would likely have my family pointing an accusatory finger in my direction...
Suzanne: I got pulled over this morning for having all the mirrors in the Mercedes turned so I could see myself.

Kindness of the too cute for words Kyndall from My Mother's Daughter for posting the video that led to a morning of YouTube hilarity over tea as I dug through the Designing Women archives...XXOO


  1. Pretty sure I have seen every episode at least three times. That show kills me!

  2. Such a shame :O( I LOVE that show! I, too, am prolly much more of a Suzanne than anyone else tho lol!
    I have a blog post coming up next week with a piece of advice from Julia :O)

  3. You know I'm almost ashamed to admit this, but I never really watched Designing Women... maybe I should start now.

    ....still can't get the image of you sitting on that poor chaps chest while pummeling him!

  4. Dixie Carter was amazing! Sad to see her go! And I totally loved Designing Women! Not too long ago I was actually wondering if it was out on DVD to which hubby said loudly NOOOOO! bwa ha ha

  5. Yes, I've always been accused of being Suzanne - although I always wanted to be Julia.

    However, being a high-maintenance former pageant girl, I am most definitely Suzanne.

  6. Sisters are forever!

    Dixie Carter was a class act.

  7. I loved that show. It was completely age inappropriate for me at the time, but I loved it anyway. :) xox MBM

  8. Love these scenes. I so wish one of the cable channels would pick up this show and show it all the time like they do that ridiculous George Lopez show. And you and I already knew - Pearls do make a difference!! xoxo

  9. So sad about Dixie Carter. She, and that show, were amazing.
    In my next life, I want Linda Bloodworth Thomason (DW writer) to follow me around and write Julia Sugarbaker type rants for me.

    Have you read her book "Liberating Paris"? It came out several years ago and is a hoot.

  10. Thanks for the trip down memory land as only Julia could say those magical words for all of us!

  11. OMG Alice your comment about being married for eternity if my theory is correct CRACKED me up! xoxo

  12. oh gosh, the quote about the smoking baby is one of my all-time favorites! i travel a lot for work, and i ALWAYS end up next to a fussy baby.

  13. I'm probably Mary Jo with a side order of Charlene's ding-batty-ness.

  14. I used to watch this on Lifetime everyday with my very southern mother in law. Julia was the character I identified with most, if only all of life was scripted with her witticisms. I am sure she had an impact on my persona.

  15. Remember when Suzanne accidentally drank Charlene's refrigerated breast milk? Omg, that was hilarious. Also, I loved how they used real life spouse/boyfriends on their show...except that Mary Jo's beau was really Charlene's hubby in real life.

    Also, I could never quite wrap my head around Anthony being hetero. I still associated him with that flaming character in the movie Mannequin. "Hollywoooooooood"

    LOVED that show.

  16. Those quotes are hilarious! Oh how I miss that show. The DVDs are on the top of my birthday wish list next month! --BunnyB