30 April, 2010

Caroline Grace Arm Candy And Discount Mania

I'm friends with Caroline Grace on Facebook and everyday she posts a different pic of her gorgeous cuffs...

And, I end up liking each one more than the last...

So much so, that I have never gotten around to ordering one cuz I get exhausted trying to narrow down my choice...

Just when I'm thinking this is the one cuz it'll be perf for the 4th with red and navy Belgians and my summer whites...

There's another beauty winking at me on my next breeze through Facebook...

Well...I'll tell you what helped me finally make my decision lickity split annnd toss in these pink Lucite filigree Flora Chandelier earrings to boot; 25% off that's what!

Caroline Grace and Lori Driver at Shopaholic in Alabama have teamed up to offer 25% off your order now through May 2nd when you follow the instructions explained in the post...

Good luck trying to pick just one...

Also coming in under the discount wire is Ledbury with an offer of free shipping through today. Can I tell you how much Babe loves his Ledbury's? There just may be an addition to the growing collection awaiting his return home from a 100 plus hour work week...

And, Sunday's theee last day using "pinkandgreen" will get you $20 off each pair of Stephen Bonanno sandals ordered. Remember, I won't be here tomorrow to remind y'all so, get ordering today...

(flashing neon lights)Preppy Cards, Preppy Cards!!! Last day, last day!!!

Kindness of Caroline Grace, Ledbury, Stephen Bonanno and Preppy Cards for their generous discounts this week. Also, the bff Kimba who is still shackled by her vow of no shopping for a year and, although tortured by my posts, tunes in daily. Just remember, there's a Rolex at the end of that onlyeightmonthsleft tunnel...XXOO


  1. why must you torture us with making choices like this?
    I feel like I am inside that book - the one that asks you if you would rather make insane choices...you know.
    Would you rather be thrown from a high speed train or jump?

  2. Thank you so much for posting about my jewelry! And I am very glad I caught up on your blog today, as I need to make use of that fabulous Bonanno's discount. I have been contemplating buying a pair for ages, and now all I have to do is decide on colors... too many great colors to choose from! xxoo

  3. J'adore CGJ!!!! Many thanks and cheers to great arm candy. Xoxo-BLC

  4. I haven't even finished my morning coffee and have already done some 'retail therapy'. Thanks for the heads-up on the CGJ. I skidaddled over there and bought the frog cuff. I'll have a nice little something waiting for me upon my return from London. Muchas gracias.

  5. it is almost too much to bear sometimes- to see all of the delicious bracelets! I want them all!



  6. i love the navy anchor cuff!!! so cute!!! thanks and cute blog =)

  7. I love those cuffs! Thanks for introducing her to us! I totally agree...so many great choices, I'll take them all.

  8. I'd love every single one of those cuffs but the one with frog is made for me! Thank you so much for highlighting such a gorgeous line!

  9. I love the nautical cuff... very very chic!

  10. Another serious shopping obsession has just started, A! :-) XOXO

  11. I received my cards from Preppy Cards yesterday. I love them. Thank you so much for the post and discount.