28 April, 2010

Scouting Therapy

I've been trying to keep my mind busy and my butt outta the pantry so I've been nosing around bloggerville and have managed to bring home a few finds to help ya'll get a jump start on your Father's Day shopping...

First stop was ole Maxminusabelt's where, besides finding out I've been bestowed the two additional monikers of "AllievonDropShip" and "AllievonSneakitHome", I found a treasure trove of authentic bleeding madras...

I'll just have to make sure, that when we meet Master Max in Old Town for a cocktail this summer, he and Josh aren't both dressed as competing tablecloths...

He also had a link to blast from the past Boast polo shirts. This one's for moi!

Now, I honestly can't recall where I stumbled across this company a couple of weeks ago but, I did manage to tuck Collared Greens away for a rainy day and, voila it's raining. Besides having great loot their products are all produced in an "environmentally-sensitive manner". Win win...

Now, poor Lumina Clothing Company has sent me a few emails over the past couple months but, I'm afraid they got dismissed strictly from bloated inbox syndrome...

Sorry Lumina but, I placing the blame with Babe. If he wasn't always bugging me to "time box" everything I wouldn't get sloppy and start cutting corners with a trigger happy "delete" finger...

But, all's well that ends well cuz I finally did stop to look and I see a promising future for us and Babe's tie rack...

And, what about Royal Highnies for 400 thread count boxer shorts?

I may have to get some of these for Babe just so I can sub out my Nike running shorts for them during in house P90Xhaustion workouts!

Kindness of Babe who has been in the office every night til 3am for weeks on end working like mad so I can wile my days licking my wounds and cyber scouting. Pilgie and I are counting down the days til you come home...XXOO

This one's for the ladies who only deserve a lil sumptin sumptin for themselves after all this shopping for the men. Don't forget to put "pinkandgreen" in the notes section or mention it when you call to receive $20 off each pair ordered. I say "each" cuz we're waiting on a shipment of four here for that's how we roll with our Bonanno's at the beach house...

And, a gentle reminder that you only have two days left to utilize your Preppy Cards 20% discount when entering "summer is a verb" at checkout. Two days!!!


  1. bloated inbox, you really know how to make someone roll on the floor laughing....that would be me.
    great finds for more than just royal highnies.

  2. Looove the madras. I will definitely be getting a pair (or two!) for the Mr. and living vicariously through him!

  3. What a sweetheart babe is... I have said it once and I will say it over and over again! I had a bf who worked (still does but he is married to someone else) for the same co that babe does... the hours he put in were INSANE!

    Love the picture of Max... my Dad totally dresses like!

  4. Cute post. I am sure Babe will be treated verrry well this Father's Day. Trish (Pink Preppy Lilly Lover) posted about Collared Greens last week and I ordered my hubby a couple of ties and a white polo shirt. I love their logo (what's cuter than a polar bear on a polo shirt?!) and am excited for them to offer their women's shirts.
    xo xo, Whitney

  5. Love the madras - great idea for Father's Day. I'm on it! I blogged about Collared Greens last week, after they had a trunk show here in town. LOVE my white polo with the perfect collar for popping and my navy ballcap.

    Are you and Babe having a Derby party on Saturday?

  6. Sorry to hear you're still glum. I won't even patronize you with a cliche about time because retail therapy is far more efficient! Perhaps the promise of a mint julep on Saturday (heavy on the Basil Hayden's!!) will soothe the spirit?

    In the meantime, your finds ate TDF. Esp love the Collared Greens. What fun!

    Best wishes for feeling better soon. Keep the ideas coming, though!