14 April, 2010

Monograms And Margaritas Interview

Below follows my recent interview with Paige from Monograms and Margaritas. Now there's a girl after my own drink order...

What’s your indulgence of choice?
Ohhh I have embarrassing laundry list of indulgences I'm afraid. One of my biggest weaknesses is saying "no" to myself and, conversely, one of my biggest strengths is my ability to run rough shod over anyone that tells me no. I'm a glutton for anything chocolate, 600 thread-count bed linens, too much sun, a great Savignon Blanc and more beautiful clothes and shoes than my closet can hold...

Who’s your preppy (or WASP) influence?
My stable of influences include beauties like C.Z. Guest, the Bouvier sisters, Babe Paley, little Edie Beale, India Hicks, Camilla Bradley, the late great Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Gwyneth Paltrow. Although, Gwynnie seems to be working très hard to closet her prepness these days. You can run but ya can't hide the pink and green GP...

Materialistically, what can’t you live without?
Massages and art. I could give it allllll up and live like Olivia Walton on the Mountain but, John would have to swing for at least a weekly 90 minute massage and an occasional art purchase. That and nightly foot rubs and I could do the whole house coat existence...

What stores would you be lost without?
Ralph Lauren cuz it was my first love, Calypso for my inner Mrs. Roper goes to St. Barths, and Williams Sonoma for all it's order, shine and wannabe Julia Childs appeal...

Your day wouldn’t be complete if you hadn’t…
Groomed my cats, groomed myself, groomed the house, done my requisite workout and completed my mental to-do list. I am a toootal type A and can not rest my head on my pillow at night unless all "I's" have been dotted and all "T's" crossed. It's a curse and a blessing; I'll annoyingly whisk that knife into the dishwasher before you've finished with it buuut I can also tell you exactly what you wore on a certain day 15 years ago...

Who’s your artist of choice?
Cy Twombly, William de Kooning and Julian Schnabel are the guys I hope to one day collect but for now our Kevin Fitzgerald makes me quite happy. That and my Canforas which I consider art for my feet...

We find you boarding a plane, what’s its destination?
Well for the past two months it was back and forth to my parents home in Ixtapa, Mexico which was gloooriousss. I could easily get in the habit of a monthly jaunt somewhere fabulous. And, don't think that inclination hasn't been noticed by Babe...

The definition of a lady…
I think a lady is defined more by her spirit than her wardrobe. I'd rather be known for my kindness and generosity than my collection of Hermes beach towels. Although, I'm campaigning hard that one can juggle both...

Kindness of Monograms and Margaritas. Due to your fabulous taste in cocktails Paige I'm willing to waive my usual one expensive beach towel fee..XXOO


  1. what a cute interview! you and your hubs seem like a perfect match for each other!

  2. love the interview!! and i could not agree more...a girl can wear the most beautiful clothes, the most lovely shoes can grace her feet...but if she is unkind, unlovely, ungracious, then it's all for nothing.

  3. Great interview :-) I'm the same way and can't go to bed with a anything astray in my apartment or doing my 'regimen'. curse and a blessing!

  4. I'm a getting to yes, kinda girl myself. Love it! xoxo

  5. Fantastic interview! You made so many great points... I especially liked the part about whisking a knife into the dishwasher before you've finished with it (I do that all the time) and having a kind heart. That is of the utmost importance! xoxo

  6. Is that a CK Bradley top? Very cute photo!

    I never really got why people think Gwyneth Paltrow is all that preppy - I'd look to Brooke Shields for the Manhattan prep vibe before Ms. Paltrow.

  7. Yes, CK Bradley top from last summer. Annnd hair that spent all day in the surf...XXOO

  8. Wonderful interview. Cy Tombly, if you ever are lucky enough to own one - may I visit it often. One of my faves.

  9. Wonderful interview. Cy Tombly, if you ever are lucky enough to own one - may I visit it often. One of my faves.

  10. What a fab interview and even cuter picture of you two, honestly, you peak the Cute-o-Meter in the red zone.

    We're with you on the oddity that is Gwyneth these days.

    Smiles at you Miss Allie,

  11. Delicious interview. I love that you have an inner Mrs.-Roper-goes-to-St.-Barths. :)

  12. You and DH are too cute! Fabulous interview! :-) XOXO
    p.s. ♥♥♥ the CK Bradley

  13. This was great! The Mrs Roper comment...precious! AND...Cy Twombly! LOVE!