16 April, 2010

Belt Slingin And Hermes Towel Throwin

Ole Maxminimus has been siiinging the blues ever since losing his shot to add another Wiley Brothers belt to his collection by winning my anniversary scavenger hunt...

Every time I swing by his neck 'o the woods he's got sooome pic up of himself sporting his lone belt and some hilariously slanderous call out to yours truly...

Ahhh yes...besides my lovingly bestowed moniker of "Allie von Summersverb" I now also answer to "Allie von Wearsmydamnbelt" and "Summer is a Scam"...

Suspicious of my "photo evidence" and Pilgie's ability to "pick without influence" he vowed vengeance...

First the evidence tampering rolled in which, he just may have gotten away with if the sunglasses weren't, as he says, "non-RayBan airport kiosk $8.99 disco aviators". I can take the name calling ADG but, that is just below the belt. Cheap shades? Moi?

Then came the taunts. Pic texts of Targaaay ersatz Hermes wannabe beach towels...

Followed by a right hook tease with this and a needling "does it matter which one?"...

That last one hurt a smidge, I'm not gonna lie, but I picked myself up by my needlepoint belt and marched right out and ordered my much lusted after gen-uuu-eye-n RayBan aviators. Pilgie must redeem his rep, that's my excuse story and I'm sticking with it...

Then another nod from the Universe in my favor with this inbox morsel courtesy of kind reader Lisa Musgrave. A sign of things to come my way? I see your stinkin Wiley Brothers Maxminusabelt and raise you a stack of Hermes beach towels!

And, in my final coup de grâce, I've given the belt slinging global exposure here and here. Just try getting that hoof pick through airport security in the U.K. and New Zealand NOW my preppy friend...

Kindness of Lisa Musgrave for subliminally knowing when a gal needed a lil Hermes pick me up and ADG for being sooo darn funny and giving me a good laugh every time I drop in...XXOO


  1. looooooooooooove this. and the pic of your preppy kitty :)


  2. I didn't understand about 1/2 of what I just read, but when I finished I could hear a continues loop in my mind that went something like this; 'Must have Hermes belt. Must have Hermes belt. Must have Hermes belt..."?

  3. Ok AllieVonMetmymatch....I give....I give! And you know that I love you-but in that brotherly-sisterly way...a way that MisterDoctorBaby would have no trouble with. You and your damn red Belgians.


  4. I love this post. And you've gone global! Congratulations!

  5. If you think the things ADG posts on here are 'slanderous' you should here his banter about VonSummerIsAVerb during our quarterly lunches...

  6. Cheers to you on your international acclaim! Great commentary on "True Prep." Yep, the New Testament indeed. I gave my hubby a hoof pick belt a couple of months ago - made in the middle of Kentucky horse country. Love it!

  7. ADG looks different in the bottom picture, maybe it's the heels?

  8. Well, after such a delicious build up, I'm off to meet Maxminimus. How could I not?

  9. I'm trying to think of something witty... this post deserves it... the vicodin has stripped my wit away... love the belt, the glasses and want to know what it feels like to be an international celebrity?

  10. Hermes Towel for a Wiley Bros Belt??? Sounds like a fair trade to me...

  11. Well now, if you haven't upped the ante and done us all proud at the same time, I don't know who has! Clearly, you are not someone to be trifled with. Indeed.

    Smiles at you Miss Allie,

  12. "...that is just below the belt." Pun intended, I presume.

  13. Oh how I love the banter between you and ADG! I really wanted to add fuel to the fire when he didn't win the contest by telling him that you really should've had my fave kitty pick a female and male winner. hehe ;-)

    Love reading your post as always. Been super busy all week, and just realized here at midnight that I miss your blog. xoxo

  14. hilarious. i almost spit out my diet coke over the picture of pilgie and his aviators. tres classic.