04 April, 2010

Bonobos Score For Babe

Poor Babe has been working 20 hour days and has only come home long enough on the weekends for me to Spray 'n Wash the Chicken Makhani stains out of his B² cuffs before he's back on the train...

But, ever the thoughtful husband, even when working his tail off, he came home bearing a great find pour moi...

Weeelllll...Bonobos may be more of a find pour homme but, it's the thought that counts...

And, since I happen to be the one in the family with the black belt in spending, the responsibility of choosing which pairs of Bonobos pants to kick off the collection with is falling on my fashion shoulders...

Alright sir but, don't come complaining after I cave for the swanky bright colors and have you outfitted like ole Maxminimus in all his "Go To Hell" pants...

I mean, a guys gotta match look good next to his Lilly clad wife in the coming months...

Unless, of course Bonobos follows through with their threat of designing for women in the near future then all bets are off. With the whole matchy thing ANNND the selfless order...

Kindness of Babe for who has been working so hard that his khaki's have hardly seen the light of day. Hurry home Dil! Nevermind that the UPS man will have to start delivering on the down low again, we miss you...XXOO


  1. A line for women would be awesome! Thank you so much for the helpful advice about running, I managed to run 4 miles with throbbing shins. :( I am going to try some yoga and cross- training and hopefully I will be back in my routine very soon! I hope the same for you! Have a great week!! xoxo

  2. Oh, do pick the salmon and seaglass for Babe! I love the attractive inside of the waistband..even if no one ever sees it...it's those small things!

  3. nice press in the NYT on Easter sunday - did you see the front page article where you quoted a few times?


  4. Thanks, the photos will help me with gaining confidence in illustrating men to go with my ladies.
    Something about the pants that really seals the deal for me. I need to take a look at Bonobos.
    Back to work for me.

  5. I saw you quoted in the paper! Congrats!!

  6. Loving your blog! I love Lily too. My journal is from LP. I asked to follow you on twitter. Meow! (my cat's name is Golden) XO Radha

  7. Very cool pants! Saw your mention in the NY Times this weekend - congrats!

  8. Either the NYT fact-checker got your age wrong, or you are rockin' your 40s.

    I thought you were mid-30s at most.

    Great mention :-)

  9. What a guy your Babe is, major points to his taste in pants! Hopefully he'll get a break to regroup and refresh before too long.

    We have long loved Bonobos, and have all our fingers and our toes crossed they dive into the women's market.

    Smiles at you Miss Famous Allie!

  10. Of course the NYT went to the source of all that is perfectly prep!! Kudos to you.

  11. 1. Who is the blond chick please?
    2. Need the 411 ASAP....

  12. Come on!! Why aren't you mentioning the NYT piece? You are the first quote on the front page!! This is news! Speech, please.

    Also, I've just been over on 'husband Dunn's' page flirting with "His Royal Hotness." When is Babe going to have his own facebook page?? Whatsa matta? Ya scared? BWAHHAAAA (evil witch laugh)

    Kathie (Or maybe Babe is afraid?)

  13. this is why the NYT interviewed you, you're a tastemaker and preppy oracle! you better believe the second that I am able to finally trick a guy into dating me and have dated him long enough to buy him clothes, Bonobos are in order!



  14. I love making a fashionable discovery before anyone else. Doesn't everyone?

    Although I only discovered your marvelous blog several months back, and was thrilled to be a contender in the tremendous anniversary blog contest, I am delighted- as must be your original readers- to have discovered your witty, stylish and informative little oasis before the NYT led masses invade. And invade they shall. I'll bet your stats have changed already. Run for cover!

    anonymous in boca

  15. I always get the greatest ideas for my husband's clothes from you!

  16. These look like great pants. Have bookmarked the site for JDD's birthday. And congratulations on the NYT article. I feel privileged that I get to chat with a celebrity. :-)

  17. I have the red Bonobos you have pictured....Took them to the tailor and had the break taken out, a good cuff put in and the legs slimmed a good bit. After some altering they are actually half way decent pants...I would suggest sizing down a bit...1 size down should do.

  18. I would pick the red ones too for Babe! Please let us know which you decide on.....