03 May, 2010

Team Of Doctors

Pilgie and I struggled through our first week alone and were kept emotionally afloat by an outpouring of support. Dr. Babe only received a single 911 call chock full of histrionics from us during his grueling work week...

Fortunately for us, and an overwhelmed Babe, Dr. Meg Carter was also on call...

The timing of this script's arrival couldn't have been more karmic as it was moments after I fell through the open wood beach house stairs nearly going into shock from the trauma...

Not to be outdone as my "specialist" physician, Babe has whisked me back to NYC with him for some TLC which includes a ressie at Quality Meats. (whispered) I have big plans to ply him with Porterhouse so as to receive his shopping blessing. Shhh...

Kindness of my world class team of doctors and Pilgie R.N. for all their care. Later this afternoon I'll be heading home from the train station, cranking my Bad Day tunes, happily eying my shopping bags in the rear view mirror and feeling much on the mend...XXOO


  1. I hope you are ok! Falling through the stairs is worthy of quite a bit of self-pity!
    I hope the shopping helped :O)

  2. OMG! I didn't realize you fell THROUGH the stairs! This is definitely much more traumatic than my minor fall down the stairs while meeting a new neighbor. I hope you're okay! I think you should have the green light for shopping! xx

  3. What a fabulous RX! Hope you are feeling better! Continuing to keep you in my thoughts! xoxo

  4. "...histrionics..." That's a big a_ _ word. I've speculated regarding the genesis of your wobbliness of late. Grief is obviously a big component but Vertical Blindness is my new diagnosis.


    BTW...check out the brief little post on Belgians over at Laguna Beach Trad. Not sure where he found the little print ad for our favorite shoes but they were only twenty five bucks back then-whenever it was. Also, Will over at A Suitable Wardrobe has a post where he is sporting his new Leopard ones. Damn, I'm starting to sound like a press agent for Belgian shoes and other bloggers. Bye bye.

  5. Oh my goodness, I am glad to hear you are okay!
    Luckily there is always a dose of 'therapeutic' shopping to help us through our trials and heal our wounds! :)

  6. My favorite part of your post - "feeling much on the mend." Hugs Sweetie!! xoxo

  7. Oh, and as I continue to read your blog, glad you're on the up and up, and don't forget to mention Shopaholic in Alabama's newest discount. I took great advantage of this one, at Under the Palm Tree (www.underpalmtree.com), a via LP store, if you order 4 items plus, you receive half off of your Lilly order. Not sure how long the sale lasts. She posted it this past Saturday.

    Shopaholic says it's a store somewhere in Kansas, but I seriously don't care where it's coming from, as long as it's Lilly on sale. Haha!