26 May, 2009

Calypso Purchase Du Jour

This weekend was all about Hilary's graduation, but more on that later. Don't fret Paris, you'll have an entire posting devoted to you by week's end.

During the pre-graduation photo op though, I was zeroing in on Emma's recent Calypso purchase (when I wasn't completely enraptured by the starlet, natch). Within 24 hours I had successfully scouted around and found her Kimberly dress in purple, my size, and on sale at the Calypso Outlet in Soho. I had just enough left on my store credit with $8 to spare. I may have to borrow/Indian give those Calypso sandals as well to recreate the entire smashing effect.

I was also lusting after my sister Julie's CK Bradley Aurora dress but, would probably prefer the 3/4 length sleeve Islamorada version for myself. I don't think Babe's going to believe me if I say I have a store credit there as well. I can only play that card so many times...

Kindness of Emma for not caring one lick that I copy her dress...and, nice bobby pin accent on the hem of your dress goofball.


  1. Love that dress and sandals. So full of warm summer days.

  2. Last Summer on Sale, I added not 1, but 2 Calypso dresses and tried to sport one yesterday, which does have a sort of "caftan" aura and my daughter said, No way...I think I may have to save it for weekends away-
    sans the children and wear a turban and dark glasses.
    Cheers to Summer frocks!

  3. the bobby pins gives my dress a unique look that no one else can take from me

  4. Unless, of course, I sport them around the hem of mine when it arrives...XXOO

  5. Yeah, I might be wearing the same outfit soon too.