12 May, 2009

Hilary's Graduation Gift

Next week my niece Hilary graduates from Worcester Preparatory School and heads off to college. Here she is sharing the spotlight with her sister Emma in one of her formal graduation pictures.

And, here is a glimpse of why she is affectionately known to all in our family as Paris...

Last year, for Emma's graduation, Babe and I gave her the Elsa Peretti for Tiffany gold pendant necklace. I also have this necklace and was hoping to start some sort of familial tradition in my role as favorite aunt.

But, just as I was about to place the order for this year's recipient, in came an email from her highness asking that my Tiffany necklace be instead replaced with a David Yurman ring. Having never gotten on the David Yurman bandwagon myself my first response was, "yick, no". But, after I had time for my disappointment pill to digest, I capitulated and ordered the David Yurman cable pearl ring.

The ring arrived this weekend while I happened to be at my sister's beach house so I allowed a sneak peek and was pleasantly surprised at how pretty the ring turned out to be. We all took turns trying it on, modeling it in our bikini's, and ooohing and aaahing before it was returned to it's box and bow properly retied. Paris will be the belle of the graduation ball, per usual...

Sorry Molly, but I must say these things to secure my place as numéroter une tante....


  1. Oh - what a sweet "tante" you are! I adore everthing "elsa" and love that you do too. now as for paris, she will one day come back asking you for that necklace.
    so timeless ---so chic!

  2. Wow- you are very generous and thoughtful! I love the necklace and am adoring the ring too! Lucky, lucky girl! Where is she heading to for school?

  3. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    I have never cared much for David Yurman jewelry either but that ring is very pretty. Your niece has wonderful taste and you are a very generous aunt. Thanks for sharing, Denise

  4. I was gifted with this fab ring over the holiday's and LOVE it!!! Perfect on the left hand since nothing else is there quite yet....

  5. YOu don't like David Yurman? I love him!! And I think you did good on the pearl ring. You have beautiful nieces.

    Hope this means you've recuperated and feeling like yourself again. Be sure and post more pictures of your vacation.

    I am living vicariously through you, my dear.

  6. Oh how darling!?? I am so having the fur coat effect with that ring. Xoxo-BLC

  7. Well, well, well, the ring was a hit. Thank you! And I must admit, yes I do have great taste ;)

  8. Well, well, well yourself...I see you conveniently glazed over the first comment saying how you will someday regret not having the lovelt Tiffany's necklace??? How kind of you to finally drop in. Fashionably late as usual Paris?

  9. Dear Paris,
    Want to trade places in life? I'd also like to trade for your tan.

  10. Alice,
    I love my dy ring. The tiffany's bracelet is too mainstream...yuck.

    That tan was short lived and I am having much difficulty reviving it!

  11. Hey, Emma, I think that compliment was meant for us to share...