27 May, 2009

Tucker Blair Needlepoint Flip Flops Debut

I have been known to snootily brag about doing all my own needlework. And, I also admit to tilting my nose ever so slightly skyward when Babe says, "Oh, my wife made that", when receiving a compliment on one of his belt's. Très unflattering trait I know...

But, I think I may have to swallow my pride and buy (gulp) Babe a pair of the Tucker Blair needlepoint flip flops. I am really enamored with them.

My first choice for him are the nautical flags in the Nantucket red although, the lobsters are running a close second. And...I'm hoping they have some crossed tennis racquets or shingled cottages in the pipeline for moi.

There is also a small confession to be made while we are on said topic...Babe has a Tucker Blair skull and crossbones keychain that everyone just assumes I made. Ahhh...Oprah's right, the truth does set you free.


  1. Haha - Oprah is always right. I like the nautical flags ones myself!

  2. I cannot tell a lie - those are swell.
    Babe will be the talk of the town, "Who's the other needle-pointer in is closet?" tee hee

  3. Ooooh Allie,

    I love the crabs! Takes me back to Baltimore!

    I may just have to get a pair for RR!

    Love and miss you!

    xoxoxox ~ Meggie

  4. I like Tucker Blair as well, but have you visited Smathers and Branson @ http://www.smathersandbranson.com/index.htm

  5. Allie...I'm just not sure about these...and this is coming from the guy who wears needlepoint slippers and Belgians. Not that my opinion counts or anything but I'd suggest that you refrain from the flag ones specifically.

    'cause I'm gonna order 'em.

    Your pal.


    ...wonder if they have them for little girls?

  6. Oh you def should get RR a pair Meggie! Love you and miss you too...
    And, ADG...you are too funny! And, the owner, Tucker, just friended me on fb yesterday so I will ask him about the possibility of wee ones. XXOO

  7. But, you see, you COULD make yourself a pair if you wanted to! So, I think you are vindicated.