20 May, 2009

Hostess With the Mostest Gift

This past Saturday Stefan from Architect Design hosted a high tea for a select few DC design bloggers. I still have no idea how I slipped through the velvet rope but, I was thrilled to be included.

I showed up bearing my most favorite Vie Luxe candle as a hostess gift hoping to impress. Founded by the fashionable socialite Majorie Gubelmann (sold!) and designer Daniel Benedict (and sold!), Vie Luxe luxury home fragrances are based on some of the duo's favorite travel destinations. I myself have not ventured past the Buenos Aires scent.

Ever since discovering this scent at the spa in Charleston Place I have developed a monthly addiction and have even lured several friends and neighbors into my Buenos Aires Vie Luxe candle cult. My habit has gotten so bad that I think I may have to graduate to the "three wick" version tout de suite!

Thank you Stefan for a lovely afternoon with such fabulous company...


  1. oh, I need to dedicate a post about my scented candle fetish. we could have a candle contest....
    What a lovely logo and the packaging....tres luxe!

  2. I was so THRILLED to get the candle! I was a bit worried at first because I'm so picky with scents, but I have to admit I fell in LOVE with this candle and lit it that very night! I was planning on a post about candles on Saturday and this will be one of the ones mentioned! Thanks again, and look for my 'report' on our tea on my blog tomorrow!

  3. From what I can see I really like the color scheme of the side table (?). I'd love to see more about how you decorate your house!

  4. Where am I? How did I get here? This is a lovely blog you have here and we have many blog folks in common. Thank you for having me.

    I have not heard of this line though I will look them up, this is one of my favorite gifts to give but also to receive: Low Country Luxe and Kobo being my two current go-to's...

    Be well!

  5. For far too long I have been rigidly staunch about what scent would fill the air in my little home - Twigs by Slatkin & Co. But, now that I've moved on to a new home, I should fill it with fresh air. Thanks for the tip!

  6. those are the most delicious smelling candles!

  7. So sorry I missed meeting you on Saturday! I just forwarded Janet the information you had on finishing belts. I don't know if you two talked about needlepointing. She's a whiz at it!


  8. Yes, M she did mention that someone had just suggested Chuck to her and now I know it was you! Great minds...Also, thank you for helping my good friend who reached out to you.
    Farrell and Lauren, our apt is only 500 sq ft so you can pretty much piece it together thruogh several posts haha..
    And to everyone else, I'm as picky and allergic as they come and this candle is c'est magnifique!

  9. Will have to check this candle out. Love that picture. Looks like a Ralph Lauren store with that frame & lamp! :)