03 May, 2009

Awards Week

So, apparently this week was awards week and I was completely overwhelmed with how many were bestowed upon little ole moi. I am so grateful for all of my readership and apologize if I have been remiss in returning the favor. My first award arrived kindness of Toad over at To The Manner Born. Merci, Toad and right back at ya!

The next award came to me in quadruplicate from DC Prep, Paisley & Pearls, The Pink Washingtoniette and The Monogrammed Sailor. I adore all 4 of these blogs. Merci beaucoup girls! Us preps have to stick together.

Then I was "tagged" by The Company She Keeps (totally in love with her illustration) and Cape House who also get the prep seal of approval! In a dual move towards being a little unconventional and a whole lot lazy I have decided to cut and paste my facebook "25 Random Things About Me" a la US magazine instead of answering all of the requisite questions that arrived with the tag;

1. Names and faces are fleeting but I never forget an outfit.
2. I dropped a button buck at 100 yards the first time I went deer hunting but I refuse to hunt geese
3. I pee my pants when I laugh too hard
4. I pass out every single time I have my blood drawn regardless of how many "good thoughts" I think
5. If I could have superpowers I would be a multilingual time traveler with invisible capabilities
6. I am fascinated with identical multiples
7. I am too forgiving for my own good
8. Quite shocking, I know, but I am not a natural blond, GASP!
9. I have delusions of grandeur
10. I once free dove 30 feet in the dark ocean coming up with a fistful of sand to impress a guy
11. I never tire of watching The Sound of Music
12. I've had reoccurring nightmares about Indians and snakes since I was a child
13. I feel the closest to God when I'm roasting on a beach or in a sauna
14. I'm sneaky
15. I won the Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge for the most full sit-ups in high school with 500
16. I have an inhuman amount of empathy for human weaknesses
17. Sometimes I make brownies just to eat the batter
18. I'm hoping to meet Seabiscuit and Elsa in heaven
19. I'm mad, mad, MAD for English period literature and film
20. As much as I want to like coffee and cosmos, for the chic containers alone, they make me sick
21. The fastest path to my soul is through animals
22. All the riches and happiness I wish for myself I equally wish for my family and friends
23. I mouth kiss my pets, shhh...don't tell Babe
24. I'm allergic to Penicillin and Tetracycline
25. The jewel in my crown is my husband

Now, I know I am supposed to pass these awards on to my favorite blogs but, I just can not pick some and not others. I have that "first born daughter" disease and I just don't want to hurt any one's feelings by playing favorites. But, in the interest of not being a totally wet blanket, I am going to give 3 awards. The first goes out to Mel at Melissa C. Morris. This was the first and only blog I read for 3 years and is still to this day my inaugural morning read. Love me some Monty...

I would be remiss in not mentioning my illustrious illustrator Patricia at PVE who I found via Mel. I am convinced my beautiful illustration is the bait used to lure new readership into my preppy lair.

Last but not least, my new favorite read Maxminimus. He is totally the kind of wonkie (old Loyola lingo), well dressed, bon mot dropping prep I would have been friends with in school. And, although I am a happily married to Babe gal, it would be remiss of me, for you single DC and OTA women, not to acknowledge an email I received from an old school chum now living in Naples asking, "who is this Maxminimus, prrrrrr!!!!" Any interested parties should head ADG's way....

Thank you to everyone who sent me an award or a mention. And, please do not take offense at my cowardly, Sean Penn-ishly way out...


  1. Oh such a darling post!!!! I loved every minute of it. Xoxo-BLC

  2. A standing ovation..... bravo!
    Thanks for passing the baton!

  3. awwww, thank you! what a lovely post. monty is wagging his tail b/c of all the excitement.

  4. loved learning all the new things about you!! i will take a study break later and send you an email with the story of what happened so you can enjoy the juicy drama!

  5. A well deserved week. Congrats

  6. Allie....as I've said before...you are kind and then some! Thanks

  7. Dear Allie in Gtown,
    Ah, number nine, I can completely relate to delusions of grandeur. While reading an article about murals found in the summer homes of Pompeii I actually suggested to my husband that a Pompeiian mural over the tub would look great. Cue look of incredulity. Thanks for sharing, Denise

  8. Congrats on all of your awards, you deserve them :) I love your illustration so much, pve is SO talented!

  9. What a fun post! I am guilty of #17 myself!

  10. Ok Allie girl....I've been shamed into doing my tribute post ... courtesy of Toad. You'll find yourself there!