07 May, 2009

Still Recovering

Today was a smidge better than yesterday and I was able to get by on strictly Tylenol. It still hurts terribly to eat though, so my day was filled with mostly soft foods.

Thankfully, my friend Shelly dropped by and kept me company on a trip to Whole Foods where I stocked up on tons of fresh berries that I doused in chocolate yogurt...

And, tons of veggies that I juiced...

I was très tempted to take advantage of the excuse to starve myself and ride this wave of diet opportunity all the way home but, thought it unwise considering I may be starting up a new cycle of IVF any day now. Foiled again...

After Whole Foods Shelly and I headed for J. Crew where I distracted myself with a few purchases like this white linen skirt...

And, the cocktail capri in white before I hit a wall and had to go home and rest. But, after I juiced all my veggies I rallied enough to continue my Crew spree online where I bagged a few more goodies (this is what happens after a day of bed rest with the J. Crew catalogue).

The pearl constellation ring, which Babe is guaranteed to hate...

The linen getaway dress in caspian blue, which will be perfect for running around in with my bikini on underneath...

And, the harbour oxford capri, which will most likely be paired with Lacoste shirts and Canfora sandals.

On a roll, I decided to wrap the day up with a call to the Calypso in Naples to have them send a dress I'd been eying online. All in all a good day recovering. And, merci to everyone who sent well wishes my way!

Disclaimer for Babe...all of the above purchases where made using store credits and reward cards! XXOO Moi


  1. Well, you sure know how to make a girl green with envy!
    Is that your juicer? I love to make my own veggie drinks. Pretty things....I have several Calypso summer beachy cover-ups....

  2. ... and a good time was had by all.
    Very snappy selection, and I bet it made you feel ever so much better. Your juice looks yummy- and the berries with frozen yogurt-even better!

  3. if you keep it up your appetite will shrink and you can loose weight. i lost 5 pounds from getting my wisdom teeth out

  4. Oh, Miss AAAlliiee! Check out Hillbilly Debutante. You'll be happy you did!

    I'm glad you're feeling better!

  5. I hope you're feeling better! I think I might need some of those meds (and Vace pizza) considering I just emptied my checking account shopping at Calypso online!!!

  6. Nothing beats pizza (or foccaccia sandwiches) from Vace!

  7. aw, you need to come shopping in person at calypso in naples. the waterside shops are right up your alley....hope you feel better. ew

  8. Pshaw! The silver lining of this whole horrific experience is the potential for weight loss. No Vace!

    And, Ellie I luuuv the Waterside Shops in Naples! That, 3rd Ave and the Ritz...XXOO

  9. Allie...Just caught the IVF line in your post. LFG and I are headed to bed in a bit. I always ask her who she wants to include in her prayers. Then I suggest a few others. Please know that you and your IVF efforts will be tops on our prayer list for many nights to come. LFG is here due to good science, technology, superb docs and finally, devine grace.



  10. Thank you so very much. I can use all the prayers and good energy I can get. Have not started quite yet but will let you know when I do. I have suddendly found myself surrounded by people who have also been through the process, like yourself, so I'm taking that as a good omen. XXOO

    ps...thank you LFG for me too please!

  11. J.Crew shopping is the best way to medicate!