11 May, 2009

While the Cat's Away

We're breaking all kinds of rules around here while mummy takes a long weekend at the beach and rests up for Monday morning's dreaded round deux of her root canal. Rumor has it that she had a wonderful highlight and haircut with Agnes at Bad Hair Day, a scrumptious dinner at The Cultured Pearl, her inaugural dip in the ocean with Emma, and even managed a quicky trip to the Polo oulet for new jammie pants and pink seersucker shorts. Hopefully she's in a marvelous mood cuz daddy has quite a mess waiting for her when she walks in the door...XXOO The Pilge


  1. Oh Kitty, Kitty... not nice to leave a mess for Mummy!
    Here's hoping that the last phase of the root canel goes smoothly and painlessly! Thankfully Mummy will have some cute jammie bottoms in which to recover in.

  2. Oh you lucky thing, all this has gently reminded me to schedule a hair appointment, dentist and sushi lunch.
    Perhaps my pearls need to be re-strung. My ocd side is raring and ready.
    Good luck with your roots...miss kitty!

  3. That is the hottest cat in Felinedom - i'm in love...

  4. Allie, You should get your book today.

    I hope you're feeling okay after your trip to the dentist.


  5. LOVE the Cultured Pearl!


  6. I just wanna snuggle that kitty...I love it!